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Tuesday night at Target September 15, 2016

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First off, I headed up 96th street to go to the good Menards. I saw it was only 7:55, and, on a wild impulse, I decided to check out the GFS grocery store at the corner. I had been meaning to do that for years, and now I finally had an opportunity! I looked inside and was there until 8:07. The ladies running the place had no problem with me doing that at all. GFS seems to be a place notable for offering items in large quantities or in bulk without the hassle of a membership fee; if you like buying things in bulk, then this is a great place for you! I decided not to go crazy with my money, reasoning that, despite the variety of useful products and good value of bulk items, I didn’t actually NEED most of them. That said, I did get some liquid drink concentrate and some of their amazing apple juice that I first drank back when I was at Chatard, which alerted me to GFS’ existence. That apple juice costs twice as much as Aldi’s does, and yes, it IS twice as good.

Next stop was the good Menards. Unlike their lacking counterpart on Pendleton Pike, this Menards was fully stocked, its items were stored properly and had no tears or holes, and its employees were a LOT nicer. I had to ask a guy about a potato chip price discrepancy that we quickly resolved. I also got a can of low sodium peas and a bottle of apple cherry juice, both of which seemed interesting enough to try. I decided to buy three boxes of trash bags, because leaf removal season is around the corner and we always seem to run short on trash bags. I also got 10 bottles of weed killer, the store’s entire supply, for my dad so we could use it for our customers this week. That was actually the sole purpose of my visit; the Pendleton Pike store was out of weed killer.

Then, I went to Best Buy to pick up a Captain America: Civil War DVD I pre-ordered. The ladies working the store pickup desk complimented me on my “colors,” referring to the red shirt and green shorts (possibly also the blue hoodie) that I was wearing. I was pleased with the compliment!

Target- Glendale

img_8388Admittedly, once the pool closes, for the rest of the year, I use my time after karate on Tuesday and Thursday nights to run various errands. I decided to do that for the first time since Spring on September 13.

Fourth was Speedway. I needed gas, and I was surprised to see it was at $1.97 today. Yes, the price actually started with a 1! Time to tank up! The price was $19.99…my car literally could not take another penny’s worth.

Fifth was Walgreens. I had to pick up pictures I was going to insert in Blake and Jenny’s birthday cards. Blake turns 31 on September 15 and Jenny turns 28 on September 16. This stop only cost 62 cents, so I actually paid for this stop in cash!

Finally, I went to Target. It was almost completely a last-minute decision, but the Glendale Target is within eyesight from Walgreens. I hadn’t been to Target in a while, and honestly, I miss the place. I would ditch Wal-Mart in a second if Target were cheaper. I went there mainly to check out prices on bedsheets for a queen bed; I keep telling my dad he needs a second set for when I take three days to extensively wash his current bedsheets. I found surprisingly good prices on bedsheets that looked and felt comfortable. While at Target, I picked up a large size bottle of my Suave lavender vanilla lotion. I’m surprised but glad that Target stocks that again! I also got two bath towels for the bathroom. The only new bath towels added to our bathroom since 1995 were the two I bought at Wal-Mart with Bridget last spring. These bath towels at Target were blue, 100% cotton, unbelievably soft, and $4.99 each. SOLD! I also found the Captain America: Civil War DVD for only $15. I decided to buy it and then return the one from Best Buy. Oh, and I also picked up Pringles and pumpkin spice snack cakes because I was hungry. It was nice to finally go to Target again. It’s so much cleaner and classier than it is at Wal-Mart, and the employees actually act like they care about helping the customers. I hope I can shop at Target again soon. It’s (usually) an all-around pleasant experience.


Tonight at Washington Square December 27, 2015

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Tonight at Washington Square (1)

Tonight at Washington Square (2)

Tonight at Washington Square (3)

Tonight at Washington Square (4)
So tonight, December 27, I drove to Washington Square because the employees told me during my previous visit that my favorite Aeropostale would be closing by the end of the month. On the way there, I spotted an accident on the bridge from I-70 East to I-465. The car flipped about 500 feet off the ramp and landed on its side. Scary! It didn’t help that a giant, on-and-off rainstorm had been happening all day. I arrived at Washington Square at 7:30 and took the Target entrance, as I planned to go there later. When I walked into Aeropostale, one of the managers complimented me on my yellow rainjacket twice and asked me where I got it. I told him that I got it from the Traders Point Old Navy and that I was surprised they started their closeout sale, as one of their employees informed me they didn’t when I called earlier. I got to looking around and spotted this couple that looked to be in their mid-30s, and the wife was saying some disturbingly familiar things. “We went to Castleton Square’s Aeropostale and there were lines leading to the back of the store. My husband couldn’t find the shirt he wanted in his size and we walked right out. That location sucks. This one’s the good one. We found the shirt he wanted within five seconds of coming here. And now we find out this one’s closing? This location always had the size I was looking for in stock and there were never any lines. In fact, this store was the only reason to come to this mall!”
Tonight at Washington Square (5)

Tonight at Washington Square (6)
Well, damn. I swear I was not telepathically controlling that lady! She sounded almost verbatim like me. Scary. She then proceeded to ask the manager why corporate was closing that location. He wasn’t quite forthcoming at first, so naturally, I stepped in and spoke for him, giving that couple every last detail I knew about the store’s closing. The manager was scary impressed with me and the lady asked if I was an undercover boss! I spent an hour in that store combing through every disorganized shelf, making sure I didn’t miss anything awesome. I even asked a few employees if one of the shirts could be misconstrued in any way as pink. I ultimately generated a giant pile of stuff: hats for one job, pants for another, shirts that looked like optical illusions, and shorts from last summer that somehow didn’t sell at other locations. However, it was hard to get casual pants there. All of their casual pants were either tight on my thighs or rough on my shins. It was like a shin prison. At least that store is going out in style, getting closeout items from all over the midwest, including Chicago. They even got closeout material that they never got when that material was new! Anyway, as a result, their closing date got extended from the end of December to between January 15 and January 31. I also got to use a “$10 off $40” coupon twice, so I got what would have been $285 worth of clothes for $65. Not bad, but I’d rather have the Washington Square Aeropostale stay awhile with regular-priced merchandise instead of them going out in a clearance-filled bang.
Tonight at Washington Square (7)

Tonight at Washington Square (8) Afterward, I went across the hall to get Chinese takeout at Sui Feng Ju, and I also decided to try a strawberry mango smoothie. It turns out my two favorite fruits don’t work well together after all! I then went to Target, and found, to my disappointment, that this Target also stopped carrying Berry Juicy Juice. I thought it was just the Target by my house that did that! At least I got a two-liter of A&W Root Beer on sale for $1.25. I left the mall at 9:10 and headed to the Marsh at 21st & Post because I had a “free bananas” coupon. Of course, I decided to pick up some of their Deli Fried Chicken because Marsh has REALLY good Deli Fried Chicken. Finally, on the way home, I saw another accident. This time, it was on I-70 west. It looks like someone spun around in a 360-degree turn and hit the highway concrete wall. Ouch! Three police officers had to clean that up. All in all, it was a GREAT night out on the east side…the kind that I will miss once Aeropostale closes and that will not be the same (or even existent) once Aeropostale is gone. Now that their closing date is extended, I should hit that place up a few more times before the end. Hopefully they’ll have some more obscure, different, unexpected items.

Great night on the east side, September 23 September 23, 2014

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Washington Square Mall Exterior (5)

Washington Square Mall (6)
I had a wonderful time on the east side after karate tonight. I arrived at Washington Square Mall at 8:47, and I headed straight for Aeropostale. More proof that this mall’s Aeropostale is my favorite: I found the exact item I was looking for within five seconds (no exaggeration) of entering. I decided to also check out the clearance section, which was four shelves wide, and I found another T-shirt for $6 and a hoodie for $7! This Aeropostale is my favorite because they almost always seem to have my sizes (XL and 34) in abundance, whereas others, especially Castleton Square’s Aeropostale, do not. I didn’t find any shorts in my size, but that’s alright because I got two t-shirts and a hoodie! I then went to the Chinese place across the hall, Sui Feng Ju, but because it was 8:55 and the mall shut down in five minutes, they had already put away the food.
Aeropostale- Washington Square Mall

DSCF5211 Of course, anyone who knows me knows that when I go Washington Square Mall, I’m inclined to think, “Well, I’m already at Aeropostale. I might as well go to Target!” The Target at the mall is one of only two I will visit (the other being Glendale), and much to my surprise, I actually bought stuff there tonight. Their eggs were $1.69, same as Aldi or Wal-Mart. Their hash browns were $2.15, cheaper than Aldi. Their Juicy Juice was $2.69, just one penny higher than Wal-Mart. And their Reese’s cups were 79 cents, same as Dollar Tree. So I actually got food for $13, which decreases tomorrow night’s Aldi/Wal-Mart bill. The night ended on an even better note, as I was able to tank up at the 10th & Mitthoeffer Speedway for only $3.08 a gallon! That particular Speedway tends to be more competitive and cheaper than other gas stations in the area. So I got cheap clothes, cheap food, and cheap gas on the east side tonight. I’d call that a win, and this is a wonderful example of why, despite the east side having fewer resources than the north or south sides, I like to come out here once in a while.

Shopping at K-Mart August 16, 2014

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I REALLY wish the north side of Indy had a K-Mart. All that time screwing with Wal-Mart and Target and I found what I needed at K-Mart & got out in 10 minutes! I found a pair of size 10.5 Wide Width shoes for $20. It’s hard to find shoes for that price that don’t fall apart and that have wide width. With my feet, that’s a must. Most places either have cheap shoes that fall apart, shoes that cost more than $20, or don’t carry shoes with wide width. Also, I found a good deal on VHS tapes (yes, I still use those)- six tapes for $10. I think K-Mart just became my new shoe store; it was worth the drive to East Washington Street. They also had cheap yard furniture for 1/6th the original price that I am considering buying, as well as a clean, cheap, and organized grocery section I may investigate on my next visit.

Super K-Mart- East Washington Street

Night out at Washington Square February 19, 2013

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So I WAS going to go out with my dad to Ryan’s Steakhouse at 10th & Shadeland on December 15. However, work called him in at the last minute. Washington Square Mall (3) Not wanting to stay home bored on a weekend night, I decided to make tracks for Washington Square. Although Teriyaki Japan closed, I still have a few destination stops there. The first was Aeropostale, and Washington Square’s is my favorite because they are the least likely to run out of my size. Washington Square Mall Exterior (5)
I got a T-shirt (normally $22) for $6, which is a hell of a deal! Then I went by ReTails, the pet shelter I used to do publicity for while I was at the Southside Times. They were having a fundraiser bake sale, and while selection was slim, I DID get 3 delicious Red Velvet cookies for $1. Of course, ReTails is right by Target. Aeropostale- Washington Square Mall And I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I think it’s awesome how Target is an ANCHOR STORE in a mall and this will do more to make me shop at Target than ANY marketing tactic they’ve tried. I also had a coupon for 75 cents off lotion, so I got an 18-ounce bottle of Suave lotion for only $2, which is another hell of a deal. Speaking of great deals, I went by this nice Chinese place called Sui Feng Ju and got a to-go plate of two entrees, rice, and a strawberry banana smoothie for only $8! So basically, $11 paid for a VERY enjoyable night out at Washington Square Mall. Awesome.

Enjoying East Washington Street November 11, 2012

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I’m really enjoying going down East Washington Street lately. It’s nice to see that there aren’t many businesses closing and there’s no continuing deterioration, unlike West 38th Street. And I’m really starting to prefer East Washington Street to Castleton lately. Castleton has had a ton of construction all year. When one area finishes, another begins. Castleton also seems to be getting more uppity and catering to the well-to-do and the upper-middle class. I’ve noticed this ever since Borders left. I’ve been hanging out on East Washington Street more since A) Teppanyaki opened and B) the Aeropostale there is more likely to carry XL T-shirts and size 34 shorts. East Washington Street has a middle-class flavor to it, and I’m really finding that intriguing and charming these days. The best part of East Washington Street starts at I-465 and stretches about half a mile past Mithoeffer. I never thought I’d hit up Cherry Tree Plaza again after Comic Carnival East moved and closed, but then Teppanyaki moved into that strip mall. Plus, I’m liking Washington Square Mall more and more, even with Teriyaki Japan’s departure. Castleton Square is turning into Fashion Mall Jr., which is annoying me. (Basically, a LOT more stores are women’s clothing stores or only offer products that either appeal exclusively to the upper class or that only the upper class can afford.) I like going to Washington Square because, despite the vacancies and lack of shoppers, it has the middle class feel that Castleton Square used to have back in 2010. Their Aeropostale usually has my size, and it’s actually the best one among the four in town. Sui Feng Ju has the best value of smoothies of anywhere I found- 32 oz. Size for $3! (And that’s their small!) And I think it’s AWESOME that there’s a Target in the mall as an anchor store! This will get me to shop at Target more than anything else they’ve tried. Plus, I haven’t seen construction on East Washington Street for more than a year now. So yeah, I’m definitely liking the area. And to anyone who says it’s full of crime: I HAVEN’T witnessed any crime here ever. I HAVE witnessed crime in Castleton.

Target vs. Wal-Mart, October 2012 edition November 3, 2012

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While I really, REALLY like Target more than Wal-Mart, I prefer to shop at Wal-Mart ’cause every time, Wal-Mart’s prices are cheaper for what I’m looking for. People say that Target is cheaper than Wal-Mart and I give them my “WTF?” face, usually reserved for Lady Gaga’s music videos. I ask them what they mean and they can’t really elaborate. People also tell me that Target has higher quality items than Wal-Mart, which I can see in theory, but again I put on my “WTF?” face, ’cause I can’t really understand how the same size, same name-brand item can be higher quality at one store over another. But I was curious to see if I was right, so I did some price hunting for products I usually buy at Wal-Mart and Target.

I found that Wal-Mart was cheaper or the same as Target in every case except the Irish Spring 8-pack of soap, and some items sold at Wal-Mart aren’t even stocked at Target. One of my friends who works at the Nora Target tells me that each Target prices differently, which is a valid point. There are six Targets in Indianapolis- 3 North, 1 East, 1 West, and 1 South. However, after further investigation, I find that the Glendale, Nora, Castleton, West 38th Street, and Washington Square Mall Targets are ALL more expensive than my close Keystone Wal-Mart. (I’ve never been to the South Side Target at the deadly Emerson & Southport.) It’s a shame, really. I like the atmosphere, order, people, cleanliness, service, stock, classiness, and design of any Target FAR more than any Wal-Mart and really would rather shop at Target. I just wish they’d lower their prices.

Shoe shopping is tough business. October 8, 2012

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Well, recently I needed new shoes. The heels on my old pair were going out. I had already been to the 75th & Keystone Wal-Mart, which is where I usually get my shoes for $10-20. Unfortunately, they were out of my 10.5 wide width men’s tennis shoes. I then tried the Glendale Target and they didn’t even carry tennis shoes! I then tried the West 38th street Target, which had tennis shoes, but not in my size.

So, September 10, 2012, my grandma took me for shoes. My goal was to get some for $20. We first went to the Nora Marshalls. The prices there were HORRIFYING- shoes went from $70 to $120! No thank you. Next stop was the Nora Target a few doors down. They didn’t carry wide width tennis shoes, and that was disappointing, but at least there were sales on lotion, Chap Stick, and deodorant! After that, I tried Goodman’s Shoes, which was close to Marshalls. Now, this is a fancy shoe store, so I went straight for the clearance rack. Sadly, the cheapest it got was $60, so out I went.

New Shoes

My new shoes! (Though I usually don’t go for black.)

The 4th stop my grandma and I tried was the Kohl’s at Keystone at the Crossing. I hadn’t been to a Kohl’s since ’95, when the one at 75th & Keystone closed and turned into that Wal-Mart I mentioned. Anyway, I went in there, and the shoes were $50-95. It’s a step better than Marshalls or Goodman’s, but STILL it’s too pricey. My aunt and other grandma love going to Kohl’s- they say it’s cheap and they sometimes get 25-50% off coupons, but even with a 50% off coupon (which the cashiers were not currently giving), the shoes were still too pricey.

Our 5th stop was the Shoe Carnival at 82nd & Allisonville. I saw a LOT of shoes there between $60-150. That was WAY too expensive for me. All seemed lost…until I stumbled upon a pair of black Fila men’s 10.5 wide with tennis shoes for $37. That was still pricier than the $20 goal I’d set, of course, but they fit wonderfully, it was the best deal I’d seen all day, and my grandma had taken me to five places so far. I told my grandma about the shoes as I was about to leave. Surprisingly, she told me to get them because she thinks we’d have spent too much on gas trying to chase a better and possibly nonexistent deal. (And she was probably right!)

My 3rd favorite restaurant!

And as one of my friends noted, I usually do WHITE shoes, but hey, I’ll take what I can get, as long as they’re not pink! Had Shoe Carnival failed, TJMaxx, Burlington, and JcPenney, and Payless Shoe Source were next on the list. Thankfully, they were not necessary. Oh, and my grandma treated me to lunch at Super China Buffet (my 3rd favorite restaurant) before taking me back home. I, of course, thanked her for shoes and food. Day well spent…and shoe shopping is tough business.

Target really screwed us over August 6, 2012

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Target really screwed us over.


Don’t get me wrong- I LIKE shopping at Target, despite the fact that they bill themselves as a “discount retailer” while being kinda pricey. (I’d hate to see who they compare themselves to when they say “discount retailer”!) But anyway, back in 2002, Target kinda screwed the inner-city North side Indy by closing the Target I went to at 52nd & Keystone. (As of early 2008, it’s a Dollar Tree that I go to all the time!) That Target closed January 31, 2003. People were saying, “Oh, just go to the one in Nora at 82nd & College. It’ll be a SuperTarget.” I had two problems with this:


  1. It’s NOT a SuperTarget. Nora just renovated and the renovations weren’t seamless- their new building wasn’t open until July 2004.
  2. THERE’S A WAL-MART ON THE WAY!!!! Halfway there, too! And going from 52nd & Keystone to 86th & College is a 15-minute drive (it’s already a 10-minute drive to get to 52nd & Keystone for me)- why do that when there’s a Wal-Mart only 7 minutes farther at 71st & Keystone?


Years later, after the sacrifice of the dearly departed Glendale Mall, Target came back to the inner-city (but in a more suburban location) north side at 62nd & Keystone by building a new Target on the site of the former Glendale Mall, which opened in July 2008. However, 5.5 years is a long time to go without an easily accessible Target, and by then, we had long since switched to Wal-Mart. So while I like shopping at Target, I’m out of the habit of going there, and also, my dad hates NOT one-stop shopping, and Target is not a one-stop shop.

Washington Square Mall run, April 9 April 17, 2012

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So I went back to Washington Square Mall today. I’d been wanting to do that since my trip on March 15 was a disaster…anyway, I noticed they got new directories at the mall, and it was the same design as Castleton Square and Greenwood Park Mall’s directories for once! (Washington Square Mall’s directories usually get a secondary design.) I noticed that in addition to losing ‘This N That’ last month, the mall also lost a Christian supply store and Vitamin World, with the latter’s space being taken over by ‘C N P Hollywood Dollar’. However, one thing the mall DOES still have (and the main reason I go there) is Aeropostale. I went in there and NOTHING was a good enough sale- shorts being $20-25 and polos being $15-20, all of which is STILL too pricey. Luckily, I found a blue XL T-Shirt on sale for $5 on the clearance rack! I bought it. Then I went to this smoothie place- Sui Feng Ju, I think it’s called. They also have Chinese food, but I was still too full from lunch for more food. Frullati raised their price from $3.48 to $4.24 for a small smoothie, and Surf City Squeeze wasn’t much better at $3.89. This new place only charged $3.15, probably ’cause they used water or ice instead of cream, but for the price it was worth it! The funny thing about Washington Square is that it is half second-tier businesses like Torc, Hairapalooza, Fun World, reTails Neighborhood Pet Place, Rainbow, FunkE Fusion, ConsignMEN, and Indy Wholesale Furniture, and half first-tier, like Sears, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Aeropostale, Victoria’s Secret, Radio Shack, Buffalo Wild Wings, and MCL. First-tier businesses are more ‘high name’ national chains that people have heard of, and second-tier businesses are more unknown name local businesses that people may or may not know of. Anyway, after starting to drink my smoothie, I went to Target to see if they had any Weber Grill barbecue sauce. They didn’t, but at least I managed to find 99 cent berry-scented Glade air freshener! (Wal-Mart was out of that during my last visit.) Then, the most peculiar thing happened. This old lady who looked to be in her early 50s, looked Russian and had a thick Slovakian accent, asked me if I could explain to her how solar-powered yard lights work since she said she couldn’t read English. Luckily, we have about a dozen of those lights in my yard, so it was very easy to show her. She said thank you when I was done and went on her way. But on the way out, as I finished backing up, the car behind me started backing up and didn’t stop. Had I not slammed my car into drive and pulled forward, the lady would’ve rear-ended me with her rear end! Oh, and then she just drove off. Annoying. At least I found $3.78 gas at the Speedway at 10th & Mitthoeffer when the north side is still $3.95.