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Broad Ripple Fresh Thyme has Grand Opening March 31, 2017

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I found out a few weeks back that the Broad Ripple Fresh Thyme would be opening March 30. Eve works there, so she kept me in the loop and told me I should go there to check it out. Parking was easier than expected, as the whole first floor of the garage is exclusive to Fresh Thyme customers. The layout was somewhat reversed of every other Fresh Thyme I’d been to, so I got lost at first. Luckily, the staff is very cheerful, friendly, and helpful, so I had them point me in the direction of what I needed. Unlike other Fresh Thyme stores, this one had a smoothie bar, hot bar, and chippery. Naturally, I had to check out all those features! First, I checked out the hot bar. The food was $8 per pound, so I may not do the hot bar a lot. One day I may treat myself to it. It had corn, mashed potatoes, chicken, broccoli, and all sorts of other delicious comfort food! It smelled really good, too. Next was the smoothie bar, which is also part of a coffee station that also serves Hubbard & Cravens coffee. I don’t do coffee, so that particular feature won’t do me good, but I know other people will like it! I got two smoothies while I was there at their new smoothie bar! One was good! The other…not so much! The “Blondie” smoothie had apple juice, banana, and strawberry. It was good. The “Da Blues” smoothie had apple juice, banana, and blueberry. It wasn’t quite as good. Next stop was the chippery. The staff there were so helpful. If I wanted to sample a chip that they didn’t have out, then they’d open a bag for me to taste one! Their sweet potato chips were a bit bland and not very sweet, but their sweet barbecue and their sour cream and onion chips were great, so I got both of those. Also, because it was Grand Opening day, I got a free reusable bag and a whole bunch of samples- bread, cheese, salami, sushi, even a hot dog! I wish the samples were an everyday thing, but I know it was just for the grand opening. The hot dog was especially good. The lady running the booth was very interactive and energetic. I donated $1 to the art center, as she was asking for donations in exchange for hot dogs. I also got $5 rotisserie chickens and a bunch of strawberries! I also checked out the patio, which was open because the Grand Opening day was warm and sunny. The sales may vary from week to week, although not as much on Thursday, which is their “double ad day,” when the previous and the next week’s ads are both valid. The Broad Ripple Fresh Thyme has enough interesting things to warrant a return visit, I’d go back there again just for the smoothies!


Tonight at Washington Square December 27, 2015

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Tonight at Washington Square (1)

Tonight at Washington Square (2)

Tonight at Washington Square (3)

Tonight at Washington Square (4)
So tonight, December 27, I drove to Washington Square because the employees told me during my previous visit that my favorite Aeropostale would be closing by the end of the month. On the way there, I spotted an accident on the bridge from I-70 East to I-465. The car flipped about 500 feet off the ramp and landed on its side. Scary! It didn’t help that a giant, on-and-off rainstorm had been happening all day. I arrived at Washington Square at 7:30 and took the Target entrance, as I planned to go there later. When I walked into Aeropostale, one of the managers complimented me on my yellow rainjacket twice and asked me where I got it. I told him that I got it from the Traders Point Old Navy and that I was surprised they started their closeout sale, as one of their employees informed me they didn’t when I called earlier. I got to looking around and spotted this couple that looked to be in their mid-30s, and the wife was saying some disturbingly familiar things. “We went to Castleton Square’s Aeropostale and there were lines leading to the back of the store. My husband couldn’t find the shirt he wanted in his size and we walked right out. That location sucks. This one’s the good one. We found the shirt he wanted within five seconds of coming here. And now we find out this one’s closing? This location always had the size I was looking for in stock and there were never any lines. In fact, this store was the only reason to come to this mall!”
Tonight at Washington Square (5)

Tonight at Washington Square (6)
Well, damn. I swear I was not telepathically controlling that lady! She sounded almost verbatim like me. Scary. She then proceeded to ask the manager why corporate was closing that location. He wasn’t quite forthcoming at first, so naturally, I stepped in and spoke for him, giving that couple every last detail I knew about the store’s closing. The manager was scary impressed with me and the lady asked if I was an undercover boss! I spent an hour in that store combing through every disorganized shelf, making sure I didn’t miss anything awesome. I even asked a few employees if one of the shirts could be misconstrued in any way as pink. I ultimately generated a giant pile of stuff: hats for one job, pants for another, shirts that looked like optical illusions, and shorts from last summer that somehow didn’t sell at other locations. However, it was hard to get casual pants there. All of their casual pants were either tight on my thighs or rough on my shins. It was like a shin prison. At least that store is going out in style, getting closeout items from all over the midwest, including Chicago. They even got closeout material that they never got when that material was new! Anyway, as a result, their closing date got extended from the end of December to between January 15 and January 31. I also got to use a “$10 off $40” coupon twice, so I got what would have been $285 worth of clothes for $65. Not bad, but I’d rather have the Washington Square Aeropostale stay awhile with regular-priced merchandise instead of them going out in a clearance-filled bang.
Tonight at Washington Square (7)

Tonight at Washington Square (8) Afterward, I went across the hall to get Chinese takeout at Sui Feng Ju, and I also decided to try a strawberry mango smoothie. It turns out my two favorite fruits don’t work well together after all! I then went to Target, and found, to my disappointment, that this Target also stopped carrying Berry Juicy Juice. I thought it was just the Target by my house that did that! At least I got a two-liter of A&W Root Beer on sale for $1.25. I left the mall at 9:10 and headed to the Marsh at 21st & Post because I had a “free bananas” coupon. Of course, I decided to pick up some of their Deli Fried Chicken because Marsh has REALLY good Deli Fried Chicken. Finally, on the way home, I saw another accident. This time, it was on I-70 west. It looks like someone spun around in a 360-degree turn and hit the highway concrete wall. Ouch! Three police officers had to clean that up. All in all, it was a GREAT night out on the east side…the kind that I will miss once Aeropostale closes and that will not be the same (or even existent) once Aeropostale is gone. Now that their closing date is extended, I should hit that place up a few more times before the end. Hopefully they’ll have some more obscure, different, unexpected items.