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Tuesday night at Target September 15, 2016

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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First off, I headed up 96th street to go to the good Menards. I saw it was only 7:55, and, on a wild impulse, I decided to check out the GFS grocery store at the corner. I had been meaning to do that for years, and now I finally had an opportunity! I looked inside and was there until 8:07. The ladies running the place had no problem with me doing that at all. GFS seems to be a place notable for offering items in large quantities or in bulk without the hassle of a membership fee; if you like buying things in bulk, then this is a great place for you! I decided not to go crazy with my money, reasoning that, despite the variety of useful products and good value of bulk items, I didn’t actually NEED most of them. That said, I did get some liquid drink concentrate and some of their amazing apple juice that I first drank back when I was at Chatard, which alerted me to GFS’ existence. That apple juice costs twice as much as Aldi’s does, and yes, it IS twice as good.

Next stop was the good Menards. Unlike their lacking counterpart on Pendleton Pike, this Menards was fully stocked, its items were stored properly and had no tears or holes, and its employees were a LOT nicer. I had to ask a guy about a potato chip price discrepancy that we quickly resolved. I also got a can of low sodium peas and a bottle of apple cherry juice, both of which seemed interesting enough to try. I decided to buy three boxes of trash bags, because leaf removal season is around the corner and we always seem to run short on trash bags. I also got 10 bottles of weed killer, the store’s entire supply, for my dad so we could use it for our customers this week. That was actually the sole purpose of my visit; the Pendleton Pike store was out of weed killer.

Then, I went to Best Buy to pick up a Captain America: Civil War DVD I pre-ordered. The ladies working the store pickup desk complimented me on my “colors,” referring to the red shirt and green shorts (possibly also the blue hoodie) that I was wearing. I was pleased with the compliment!

Target- Glendale

img_8388Admittedly, once the pool closes, for the rest of the year, I use my time after karate on Tuesday and Thursday nights to run various errands. I decided to do that for the first time since Spring on September 13.

Fourth was Speedway. I needed gas, and I was surprised to see it was at $1.97 today. Yes, the price actually started with a 1! Time to tank up! The price was $19.99…my car literally could not take another penny’s worth.

Fifth was Walgreens. I had to pick up pictures I was going to insert in Blake and Jenny’s birthday cards. Blake turns 31 on September 15 and Jenny turns 28 on September 16. This stop only cost 62 cents, so I actually paid for this stop in cash!

Finally, I went to Target. It was almost completely a last-minute decision, but the Glendale Target is within eyesight from Walgreens. I hadn’t been to Target in a while, and honestly, I miss the place. I would ditch Wal-Mart in a second if Target were cheaper. I went there mainly to check out prices on bedsheets for a queen bed; I keep telling my dad he needs a second set for when I take three days to extensively wash his current bedsheets. I found surprisingly good prices on bedsheets that looked and felt comfortable. While at Target, I picked up a large size bottle of my Suave lavender vanilla lotion. I’m surprised but glad that Target stocks that again! I also got two bath towels for the bathroom. The only new bath towels added to our bathroom since 1995 were the two I bought at Wal-Mart with Bridget last spring. These bath towels at Target were blue, 100% cotton, unbelievably soft, and $4.99 each. SOLD! I also found the Captain America: Civil War DVD for only $15. I decided to buy it and then return the one from Best Buy. Oh, and I also picked up Pringles and pumpkin spice snack cakes because I was hungry. It was nice to finally go to Target again. It’s so much cleaner and classier than it is at Wal-Mart, and the employees actually act like they care about helping the customers. I hope I can shop at Target again soon. It’s (usually) an all-around pleasant experience.