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Naked Tchopstix September 18, 2016

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I went to Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple with Ebony on Saturday night. Both of us had wanted to try that place for a while. I went there once in 2005, and I was still not eating meat on Lent Fridays at the time, so I’d wanted to try something with meat in it. We were seated immediately, as only two people are a better accommodation than a group. They serve Pepsi products, so I got to have root beer! The waitress took a minute to arrive, but she was prompt after that. I decided to have miso soup as an appetizer and then I had a noodle dish with chicken and vegetables as an entree. Ebony had a rice dish with beef for her entree, though it went by a name I can’t pronounce or remember. Our waitress was sweet, outgoing, prompt, polite, and soft-spoken. Naked Tchopstix gets an A- for service. The food was fairly nice. The miso soup wasn’t bad, though I think the ones at Sapporo and Formosa are more flavorful. I also liked the noodle dish, and it was surprisingly sweet. Portion size was also satisfying, though I wish it had more chicken. I ate it all, though. It was very succulent, flavorful, rich, moist, warm, and delicious, with a lingering pleasant aftertaste. Honestly, while it was nice, Yard House has a similar dish that, while not as sweet, features more of a balance of meat and vegetables to noodles and rice. The entree at Naked Tchopstix went a bit heavy on the noodles and rice compared to the meat and vegetables, though it was still tasty. The place is a bit on the high side, so I wouldn’t go here frequently, but I’d recommend it and go back again. As an added bonus, they’re open until midnight on Saturdays, so Naked Tchopstix is good for late night eats.