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Game night at Rascal’s Fun Zone June 21, 2017

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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For one of our most recent game nights, the lady in charge planned a trip to Rascal’s Fun Zone in Whiteland. That’s a bit far for me, so I carpooled with her and everyone else met us there. It was honestly worth the trip! The place had a large indoor electric go-kart tracks and a decent-sized arcade as well! Outside there were bumper boats, two courses of mini-golf, and two go-kart tracks. There’s enough for a second run here. I hope we make one. We didn’t have time to do everything here, so we started with the outdoor stuff…for all I know, the next time we go to Rascal’s, it may be cold.

Scott, John, Nathan, and I did a round of mini-golf. We did that first because the sun was setting and light matters more in mini-golf than it does in go-karting. The course was fairly straightforward and easy to follow, though I would have preferred signs and numbers near the holes. It wasn’t super difficult to get a par 3 or 4, but it was just difficult enough that it wouldn’t be easy, if that makes any sense. Scott and John were very close, but Scott barely won. Also, those two and I all got a hole in one at some point! The staff gave us suckers for competing. Major points to the employees, by the way. They were very competent and efficient. They knew everything about the facility that we needed to know, and they ran the place very smoothly. We didn’t wait in long lines, have any problems, or have any malfunctioning machines. Also, the building was INCREDIBLY clean…much cleaner than I would have expected for this type of facility. Next, we tried both go-kart tracks. One was a large loop, and one was a whole two-level figure-8 track. We did the loop first. I didn’t find that one as fun, but the carts ran smoothly, the track was slick, and the employees kept a watchful eye to unjam my friends when a few of them collided and spun around. Next was the two-level figure-8 track. I found that MUCH more enjoyable.

I got one of the lead cars and I easily overtook the two guys in front of me. I also did the same to the guy in last place. My friends say I got the best car of the bunch. They also say I drove like a maniac, which, considering I learned that from them the last time we went go-karting, I took as a compliment. After that, it was 10:00 and the place closed at 10:30. We played a few arcade games, most notably skee ball and Deal or No Deal. It was odd how the skee ball machines calculated points differently. Scott got a higher score than I did, but somehow he got fewer tickets. Nathan and I played Deal or No Deal. He kinda got screwed by not taking the deal at the end and opening a personal case of very few tickets. I did the opposite- I took the deal at the end of 75 tickets, but my personal case had 100 tickets. There were several other arcade games available that looked interesting, including duckpin bowling, but we were nearly out of time. About the only thing I didn’t like was that it was hard to get a decent prize for only 122 tickets. I feel like my tickets went further at Greatimes or Dave & Busters. Oh well. I split the candy I won with the guys as a thank you for a great night. We even had time to do a few games at the lady in charge’s house after Rascal’s closed! Overall, I like Greatimes a bit more, but I’d do Rascal’s again. I hope we can do so before summer ends, or at least before it gets cold outside.


A good time at Greatimes November 28, 2014

Posted by Kenny Norman in east, south.
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Greatimes is on Indianapolis’ southeast side off I-465 & Emerson on Elmwood Avenue. Greatimes is owned by Royal Pin, who owns four bowling alleys in town, including Expo Bowl next door. Greatimes is a Family Fun Center with an indoor section and an outdoor section. The indoor section is mainly a two-level arcade with party rooms, as well as an indoor playground for the kids. There’s also a pizza bar in the corner. The outdoor section is a bit more for teens and young adults, with go-karts, mini-golf, and bumper boats. Kids having parties get a t-shirt, pizza, tokens, and other prize packages, including two hours in the party room. I would recommend this place for a birthday party for ages 8 to 15. I’d been going here since my 11th Birthday in 2000, and throughout the years, I’ve moved from the indoor section to the outdoor section. That said, Greatimes has a wide variety of arcade games, including motorcycle games, air hockey, skee ball, shooting games, basketball games, and even bowling games. The facility is very colorful, has two levels, and stuffed animals are strung up to and from the center desk. The staff here prides themselves on great customer service and will bend over backwards to accommodate guests who have been shortchanged. The bumper boats and mini-golf were fun, though there was nothing special, unique, or intriguing about them. I considered the go-karts the highlight of the place, and I think most of the population agrees, judging by the sometimes hour-long line to get in. Most of the other attractions barely have lines. The go-kart track is very windy and full of turns, and stoplights are placed to tell riders when only one lap remains. Single and double carts are available if couples would like to ride together or race each other. However, as I said, be prepared for a wait, especially on a weekend afternoon. Greatimes, though, is worth the drive. Though kids may get the most mileage, there’s something for everyone here.

Incredible Pizza Company overview November 27, 2011

Posted by Kenny Norman in west.
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So tonight I went with two of my friends to Incredible Pizza Company at Lafayette Square Mall. It was originally opened as XScape in March 2009, but closed in March 2010 when a boy was injured and it was discovered that they had no ride permits. I later reopened the following August as Incredible Pizza Company, which isIndianapolis’ second location, after the Southside one that opened August 2009. Anyway, we got there at 6:23 and waited 10 minutes at the front desk. It was $10 for the buffet, and we all had coupons that gave us a free $5 game card with buffet purchase. We had to wait for 10 minutes because the cashier not only did not recognize the coupon, she also did not know how to load money onto a game card. So after her manager came out and sorted things, we checked out the place. There were many arcade games, laser tag, mini-bowling, a mini-ride Theatre, go-karts, air hockey, miniature golf, kiddie rides, and, of course, the all-you-can-eat buffet. After looking all around, we decided to play Skee Ball first. Good as can be expected, but some machines only had 2 balls while others had 10. Then we played air hockey, which went off without a hitch. The table was very slick! Afterward, I tried the miniature bowling game. It successfully replicated the scale of the game without sacrificing anything. I consider it good practice for actual bowling. Then, we checked out the mini-ride theatre, where Ebony and I got to experience a simulated roller coaster thanks to HD screens and moving seats. I definitely consider the theatre the best part. The only downside was that since the person operating the theatre was also operating another ride, so we had to wait in line for the theatre. Luckily, it wasn’t a long wait. The staff overall seemed overworked and understaffed, and not very alive and engaging. After the theatre came mini-golf, and that was as good as can be expected. It’s really MINI-mini-golf, as it only had 9 holes instead of the usual 18. We all felt hungry after that, so we helped ourselves to the buffet. The selection was between medium-small and average, the taste was average, and half the sodas were tonic water and needed their syrup changed, but we didn’t mind much, since it was all-you-can-eat. I like their choice of movie. We watched “Finding Nemo.” I then went to wash my hands and was pleasantly surprised at how clean and shiny the restroom was. I like that a LOT! We then wanted to go to the photo booth, but sadly, it was out of order. We finished our time there with more skee ball and air hockey. The place has a good selection of arcade games that function well. I’d say that the place needs more staff and could be a bit more attentive to food & drinks, but overall, this place is a pretty decent value and one of the only INDOOR family fun places to go to in Indy! (Others include Greatimes, Dave & Buster’s, and thePostRoadRecreationCenter.) It’s not super awesome, but check it out- there are certainly parts to be enjoyed!