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Misadventures at Cadillac Ranch July 16, 2017

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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Ebony and I went to the Cadillac Ranch at Mall of America. We LOVED it. Good music videos to watch, an extensive menu of delicious food, and a wild mechanical bull to ride! We heard there was a Cadillac Ranch here in Indy and got excited. We made plans to go on July 14.

That said, our trip downtown to Cadillac Ranch did not go well. Black Expo was in town, so when we were on 10th street, traffic was stopped. We had cars blocking intersections on the way there. When we got there, we apparently had to get carded, which they do after 7:00. And the menu was NOT what it said it was online. It was supposed to be the smaller version of the extensive menu. We had all of 10 options.

Worst of all, the bull was BROKEN. They wouldn’t get it fixed until 10:00, and we both had other separate plans after dinner- Ebony wanted to play with her niece and I was headed to the south side for the last half of game night. Ebony was NOT happy! At least we got like seven free coupons each.

I mean, at least I got to see Ebony, and I hadn’t seen her in a month, so that was nice. But I swear, next time we’ll just eat at Yard House and then walk down to Cadillac Ranch to ride the bull!


Giving Ram a try July 9, 2017

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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After my dad picked me up from Popcon, we decided to go out to dinner. We had just done Yard House, also in the area, the night before, so my dad wanted something new. We tried Harry & Izzy’s and then Mikado, in that order, but both places were so pricey that the cheapest entree was barely under $20. We were walking back from Mikado when we passed by Ram. We decided to go in there and check out the menu. Lighting was a little on the dark side, but it was still light enough to see. The hostess, a young blonde girl who was very lively and sweet, happily gave us a menu.

Granted, there were a few entrees from $20-30, but it was nice to see most of the entrees were from $11-20, and there were plenty at the cheaper end for me to make a selection. We sat down, and it was a good eight minutes before we got any service. Our waitress, Clarisa, finally arrived, and got our drink orders. I was pleased to see that they had root beer there. A lot of restaurants carry Pepsi products, but root beer never seems to be among the choices. And to give credit where credit was due, once Clarisa found us, we never had to worry about anything.

She filled our orders correctly, gave us refills promptly, and cleared all empty plates quickly. She was great! I forget the exact name for what I had, but it was a burger with lettuce, barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and bacon on it. The only modification I made was to remove a tomato. While it wasn’t the best burger I ever had, it was very juicy and not too burnt. My food was also surprisingly filling. I have to admit, I was disappointed at first when I saw the size of my entree, but then I ended up getting just the right amount of full: not too starving and not too stuffed. There were several other entrees worth trying, like sirloin, salmon, fried chicken, and steak sandwiches, so I think a return trip is in order. With good service, fair pricing, decent portion sizes, and tasty food, Ram is a place I would recommend. I give it 7.5/10.

Firing up the Weber Grill November 20, 2014

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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Weber Grill (7) - Copy Weber Grill, located at the heart of Indy at 10 North Illinois Street, is right across from Circle Centre Mall. They advertise an open-flame, classic barbecue. I have had their barbecued half chicken with baked potato and it is wonderfully delicious, every bite bursting with sweet, charcoal flavor. This place is very much on the expensive side. The barbecued half chicken, for example, is $17. Therefore, I would only go to this place once a year or to celebrate a special occasion. The interior is very fancy, carpeted, wooden, brown, and dark, and the restaurant boasts a formal atmosphere. The restrooms even have high-definition television sets. One benefit of Weber Grill’s location across from the mall is that it has easy access from the Artsgarden; no one need venture outside in the winter months if they’re parked in Circle Centre’s garage. The staff here is polite and attentive, but as this restaurant is the only one in town and a common dining hotspot for hotel visitors, be prepared to make reservations and place your order as soon as possible. I find this restaurant to be near capacity more often than not. However, if you aren’t deterred by downtown traffic, a populated dining room, and a higher price tag, then I would suggest investigating Weber Grill. It is the best barbecue I have found currently available in Indianapolis. 

Hot Chelle Rae concert setlist August 31, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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I saw Hot Chelle Rae at White River State Park on August 30, 2013. They played from 7:17-7:58. It was a short show with only 10 songs, but they sound as good live as they do on the CD, which is reassuring. It’s evidence they have real talent! Anyway, the songs were, from start to finish:

1. Whatever
2. I Like It Like That
3. Downtown Girl
4. Radio
5. Crazy (New Song)
6. Why Don’t You Love Me (solo version)
7. Honestly
8. (cover mash-up of “Too Close” and “We Found Love”)
9. Hung Up
10. Tonight Tonight

I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t play my two favorites, Forever Unstoppable and Keep You With Me. I got full recordings of Crazy, Why Don’t You Love Me, and Hung Up.

Oh, and then Carly Rae Jepsen played from 8:32-9:22. I don’t listen to a lot of her songs, but at least she played the two I do listen to: This Kiss and Good Time (featuring one of her bandmates in place of Owl City). I got full recordings of both songs.

Super Bowl Village March 2, 2012

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Indianapolis had the honor of hosting the Super Bowl this year, and they re-did Georgia Streetto host a ‘SuperBowlVillage’ for everyone to go to. I can’t believe they didn’t expect a lot of attendance. By the 2nd Thursday, the Village was already at capacity with the locals! Even I enjoyed it, and I’m not even a sports person! There were soooo many photo opportunities. I even got to see an ice sculpture with the Indianapolis Super Bowl logo freshly made. The Super Bowl stuff even extended to Monument Circle, which had a giant “XLVI” logo and several cars from the Indy 500! I went there a week and a half before the Super Bowl to get pics for the paper and I enjoyed it so much I went back again the Thursday before the Super Bowl. The second time was warmer, but a LOT more crowded! I enjoyed the scenic sights, but I didn’t do the zipline- I have a thing against heights. I checked out the Huddle inside Circle Centre, I got more photos, I saw the ice sculpture, I saw newscasters reporting live, I saw several concession stands, makeshift lounges, heat lamps, trivia booths, and cornhole games going on. Best of all? I saw KATIE STAM at Circle Centre…and she remembered me! I tried to see her sing the national anthem the night before, but I got off work late. We talked for a bit at the escalator on the 1st floor of Circle Centre. It was a tough time getting out- my dad dropped me off and intended to join me, but he never found parking! Ah, I love the social atmosphere and the unusually warm 50-degree weather that was going on that day. I kinda wish Super Bowl Village would stick around past Feb. 5, but that would be impractical. VERY impractical.

Downtown Greek’s Pizzeria analysis February 27, 2012

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I went downtown yesterday (Jan. 17) to Circle Centre Mall. I was going to eat at Asian Chao and Frullati in the food court on level 3, but then I remembered the downtown Greek’s Pizzeria had recently opened. I’d been missing it since the Broad Ripple location closed (on my birthday, no less), and while the South side one was still around, it was across town. Downtown was significantly closer. I walked to 15 N. Pennsylvania St., noticing how small the building was. I walked right in and noticed that, while small, it made efficient use of all the space and was very clean. The lady at the counter was very polite and professional and took my order for a medium mushroom and ham pizza, which was $13.47. I ate it on the way home and it was delicious! I highly recommend this location, especially if you don’t live close to the Emerson Ave. & Stop 11 Rd. location and have been missing this pizza since their Broad Ripple location’s closing!

Downtown Greek’s opening? Sweet! November 14, 2011

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Very thrilled to read that Greek’s is opening a restaurant at 15 N. Pennsylvania street (Indianapolis) in mid-November! Sweet! Now I don’t have to go to the South Side (across town) for their pizza anymore! More details here: http://www.indystar.com/article/20111018/LOCAL1805/110180397/Greek-s-Pizzeria-open-Downtown-November

Borders closing July 22, 2011

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It’s so sad…I heard last Wednesday night, July 17th, that ALL the Borders are closing. Apparently they have a lot of debt, and the bid to buy expired without a bidder. In Indianapolis, we had four: Keystone at the Crossing, downtown, US-31, and Castleton Square Mall. When Borders began downsizing earlier this year, downtown was the first to go, and it closed April 4th. I went there a few times when they began their liquidation sales. Unfortunately, graphic novels, the thing I usually go to Borders to buy, went quickly. One time, though, I went with my friends over Spring Break and got an X-Men graphic novel for $9, which is a pretty good deal. The downsize continued with the location at Keystone at the Crossing, which closed two months later in early June. This was particularly sad for me, because for me, this was the ORIGINAL Borders- the one I’d gone to since 4th grade. I went there a few times with my dad to get some good deals and to say goodbye to the place. I got a LOT of postcards (that ironically I never used since I write more than one postcard would allow) to send to my friends at camp, but most importantly, their graphic novels were 60% off…what a deal! And unlike Castleton, they didn’t sell fast. Now I can see why they’d close these two: the rent was insane. (Have you SEEN the downtown building? Gorgeous!) This left two, US-31 and Castleton Square Mall, open. Unfortunately, those two are heading the way of the others, thanks to this latest turn of events. There will be liquidation sales (possibly bigger sales since there will be no locations to receive whatever merchandise doesn’t sell) and all Borders will be closing by the end of September 2011. Very sad. I won’t have too many places in my usual hangout areas to just browse books and selections. Guess I’ll be hitting up both places for liquidation sales as soon as they’re announced!

Read the Goodbye from Borders CEO here. See the first liquidation flyer here.