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Complaint to Red Lobster September 21, 2016

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I had a bit of a problem when I last visited a Red Lobster. I’m at Red Lobster in Castleton in Indianapolis Monday night. My dad is giving me a free dinner with their new Endless Shrimp special for finding us two new customers. My stomach hurt, (it was from a friend starting an annoying argument, not from anything I ate while there) and I couldn’t eat the shrimp when they came. I had bad diarrhea, so I ran to the bathroom. As a result, I was ravenously hungry when I came back, finally ready for shrimp, and my dad paid the bill when I was in the bathroom, unbeknownst to me. I asked the waitress for shrimp refills, and she said, “We can’t give refills on shrimp once the check is closed.” So I walked away hungry AND upset. I know the computer system doesn’t let the wait staff add new orders after the bill is paid, and the waitress was nice and professional, but NO EMPLOYEE in the restaurant told me or my dad that the shrimp refills end when the bill was paid I was still eating, and $18 is a hard price to pay for a meal that doesn’t get me full. That seems like an unsatisfying waste of money to me and it would have been nice if an employee had warned my dad of that so he wouldn’t have paid the bill too early.