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Hot Chelle Rae concert setlist August 31, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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I saw Hot Chelle Rae at White River State Park on August 30, 2013. They played from 7:17-7:58. It was a short show with only 10 songs, but they sound as good live as they do on the CD, which is reassuring. It’s evidence they have real talent! Anyway, the songs were, from start to finish:

1. Whatever
2. I Like It Like That
3. Downtown Girl
4. Radio
5. Crazy (New Song)
6. Why Don’t You Love Me (solo version)
7. Honestly
8. (cover mash-up of “Too Close” and “We Found Love”)
9. Hung Up
10. Tonight Tonight

I’m kinda disappointed they didn’t play my two favorites, Forever Unstoppable and Keep You With Me. I got full recordings of Crazy, Why Don’t You Love Me, and Hung Up.

Oh, and then Carly Rae Jepsen played from 8:32-9:22. I don’t listen to a lot of her songs, but at least she played the two I do listen to: This Kiss and Good Time (featuring one of her bandmates in place of Owl City). I got full recordings of both songs.


Kelly Clarkson & Maroon 5 concert overview August 4, 2013

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So on August 3, 2013, I had the honor of seeing Kelly Clarkson live (for the third time) at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville. This time, however, the show was “sold out”, meaning more crowds and it was harder to find seats. We eventually got a spot thanks to this nice lady who was able to help out my friend when she had medical issues. Anyway, Kelly Clarkson played as the first of two acts from 7:55-8:53. Setlist is below.

1. Stronger
2. Behind These Hazel Eyes
3. Catch My Breath
4. My Life Would Suck Without You
5. Breakaway
6. Because of You
7. Don’t You Wanna Stay
8. Tie It Up
9. I Never Loved a Man
10. Walk Away
11. Mr. Know-It-All
12. Miss Independent
13. People Like Us
14. Since U Been Gone

“I Never Loved a Man” is an Aretha Franklin cover, and she made “Don’t You Wanna Stay” a solo instead of a duet, which disimpressed me. “Tying the Knot” is her new country single, which makes sense, as she IS engaged right now. Her first and fourth albums are barely represented with one song each, and her fifth album only had two songs on the list. Her third album was completely skipped, and, not surprisingly, her second album had FIVE songs on the list. I say “not surprisingly” because Breakaway is the album that got everyone’s attention. I got no clips of any songs, choosing instead to get full recordings of half the concert: Catch My Breath, My Life Would Suck Without You, Breakaway, Don’t You Wanna Stay, Mr. Know-It-All, People Like Us, and Since U Been Gone. And did I mention she and her band had on glowsticks when singing “People Like Us”? Wonderful stuff.

Maroon 5 took stage half an hour later and performed 18 songs from 9:24-10:49.

1. One More Night
2. This Love
3. Lucky Strike
4. Tangled
5. Harder to Breathe
6. Sunday Morning
7. ? (lyrics include “always seem to let you down” and “only one that makes you”)
8. Makes Me Wonder
9. Shiver
10. Wake Up Call
11. Won’t Go Home Without You
12. Love Somebody
13. Misery
14. Stereo Hearts
15. Moves Like Jagger
16. Payphone
17. She Will Be Loved
18. Daylight

My only regret? They played the “rap” version of Payphone, using pre-recorded audio of their featured rapper. Hell, if they’re gonna do that, then they could’ve used pre-recorded audio of the featured singer in “Moves Like Jagger”! I got a full clip of Payphone though. And I have to say, for a band I’m only lukewarm about, they delivered a VERY energizing and uplifting performance of “Love Somebody.” Probably the best live performance of any song I’d ever seen.

Goo Goo Dolls/Matchbox 20 concert setlist info July 8, 2013

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So on July 7, I had the honor of going to a Goo Goo Dolls/Matchbox 20 concert with Kate at Klipsch Music Center. If you’re a fan of either and you get the chance to see them in concert, then TAKE IT! They sound even better live than on the CD or radio! For the first time ever, I exhausted both memory cards on both cameras taking photos and videos. Here are the details:

Goo Goo Dolls
1. Last Hot Night
2. Naked
3. Slide
4. Here is Gone
5. Rebel Beat
6. Black Balloon
7. Now I Hear
8. (unknown- lyrics include “now I found myself”, “I told you I’d never go”, and “I hope to never know”)
9. Let Love In
10. Come to Me
11. Name
12. Bringing on the Light
13. Give a Little Bit
14. Better Days
15. Stay With You
16. Iris
17. Broadway

Of those chosen 17, I got full recordings of Last Hot Night, Slide, Black Balloon, Stay With You, and Iris. I also got clips of Here is Gone, Let Love In, Come to Me, Bringing on the Light, Give a Little Bit, Better Days, and Broadway.

Now for Matchbox 20, who sang from 9:30-11:05: I am unfamiliar with some of their songs, but thankfully, they sang a lot of classics. I got clips of Bent, Disease, 3am, and Long Day. I got full recordings of How Far We’ve Come, Real World, If You’re Gone, and Unwell.

Good concert, and it was very much worth it!