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Broad Ripple Fresh Thyme has Grand Opening March 31, 2017

Posted by Kenny Norman in news, north.
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I found out a few weeks back that the Broad Ripple Fresh Thyme would be opening March 30. Eve works there, so she kept me in the loop and told me I should go there to check it out. Parking was easier than expected, as the whole first floor of the garage is exclusive to Fresh Thyme customers. The layout was somewhat reversed of every other Fresh Thyme I’d been to, so I got lost at first. Luckily, the staff is very cheerful, friendly, and helpful, so I had them point me in the direction of what I needed. Unlike other Fresh Thyme stores, this one had a smoothie bar, hot bar, and chippery. Naturally, I had to check out all those features! First, I checked out the hot bar. The food was $8 per pound, so I may not do the hot bar a lot. One day I may treat myself to it. It had corn, mashed potatoes, chicken, broccoli, and all sorts of other delicious comfort food! It smelled really good, too. Next was the smoothie bar, which is also part of a coffee station that also serves Hubbard & Cravens coffee. I don’t do coffee, so that particular feature won’t do me good, but I know other people will like it! I got two smoothies while I was there at their new smoothie bar! One was good! The other…not so much! The “Blondie” smoothie had apple juice, banana, and strawberry. It was good. The “Da Blues” smoothie had apple juice, banana, and blueberry. It wasn’t quite as good. Next stop was the chippery. The staff there were so helpful. If I wanted to sample a chip that they didn’t have out, then they’d open a bag for me to taste one! Their sweet potato chips were a bit bland and not very sweet, but their sweet barbecue and their sour cream and onion chips were great, so I got both of those. Also, because it was Grand Opening day, I got a free reusable bag and a whole bunch of samples- bread, cheese, salami, sushi, even a hot dog! I wish the samples were an everyday thing, but I know it was just for the grand opening. The hot dog was especially good. The lady running the booth was very interactive and energetic. I donated $1 to the art center, as she was asking for donations in exchange for hot dogs. I also got $5 rotisserie chickens and a bunch of strawberries! I also checked out the patio, which was open because the Grand Opening day was warm and sunny. The sales may vary from week to week, although not as much on Thursday, which is their “double ad day,” when the previous and the next week’s ads are both valid. The Broad Ripple Fresh Thyme has enough interesting things to warrant a return visit, I’d go back there again just for the smoothies!


Naked Tchopstix September 18, 2016

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I went to Naked Tchopstix in Broad Ripple with Ebony on Saturday night. Both of us had wanted to try that place for a while. I went there once in 2005, and I was still not eating meat on Lent Fridays at the time, so I’d wanted to try something with meat in it. We were seated immediately, as only two people are a better accommodation than a group. They serve Pepsi products, so I got to have root beer! The waitress took a minute to arrive, but she was prompt after that. I decided to have miso soup as an appetizer and then I had a noodle dish with chicken and vegetables as an entree. Ebony had a rice dish with beef for her entree, though it went by a name I can’t pronounce or remember. Our waitress was sweet, outgoing, prompt, polite, and soft-spoken. Naked Tchopstix gets an A- for service. The food was fairly nice. The miso soup wasn’t bad, though I think the ones at Sapporo and Formosa are more flavorful. I also liked the noodle dish, and it was surprisingly sweet. Portion size was also satisfying, though I wish it had more chicken. I ate it all, though. It was very succulent, flavorful, rich, moist, warm, and delicious, with a lingering pleasant aftertaste. Honestly, while it was nice, Yard House has a similar dish that, while not as sweet, features more of a balance of meat and vegetables to noodles and rice. The entree at Naked Tchopstix went a bit heavy on the noodles and rice compared to the meat and vegetables, though it was still tasty. The place is a bit on the high side, so I wouldn’t go here frequently, but I’d recommend it and go back again. As an added bonus, they’re open until midnight on Saturdays, so Naked Tchopstix is good for late night eats.

Two tickets to Cheeseburger in Paradise September 4, 2016

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I had a GREAT dinner tonight at Cheeseburger in Paradise! I had never been there, mainly because I am rarely at Southport & Emerson. This is the last Cheeseburger in Paradise in Indiana, as the 96th street one closed a while back. We got there and saw that the garage doors were opened up and they had outdoor seating, which we immediately opted to get. I saw THREE menu entrees I wanted to try before I even hit the cheeseburger page. And for the first time I can remember, I ordered off the menu with NO modifications! Our server, Jess, could relate to that feeling. She was so nice and personable, and she was quick removing plates and bringing refills. I had the citrus chicken with their island rice and teriyaki broccoli. The entree also came with a lime and an orange. They had better chicken than BJ’s, better broccoli than MCL, and better rice than Red Lobster! Jess asked if we wanted dessert, but we declined because we had a few soft drinks that day. Their food was on par with Yard House and better than BJ’s. And I’m definitely going back there again.


Firing up the Weber Grill November 20, 2014

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Weber Grill (7) - Copy Weber Grill, located at the heart of Indy at 10 North Illinois Street, is right across from Circle Centre Mall. They advertise an open-flame, classic barbecue. I have had their barbecued half chicken with baked potato and it is wonderfully delicious, every bite bursting with sweet, charcoal flavor. This place is very much on the expensive side. The barbecued half chicken, for example, is $17. Therefore, I would only go to this place once a year or to celebrate a special occasion. The interior is very fancy, carpeted, wooden, brown, and dark, and the restaurant boasts a formal atmosphere. The restrooms even have high-definition television sets. One benefit of Weber Grill’s location across from the mall is that it has easy access from the Artsgarden; no one need venture outside in the winter months if they’re parked in Circle Centre’s garage. The staff here is polite and attentive, but as this restaurant is the only one in town and a common dining hotspot for hotel visitors, be prepared to make reservations and place your order as soon as possible. I find this restaurant to be near capacity more often than not. However, if you aren’t deterred by downtown traffic, a populated dining room, and a higher price tag, then I would suggest investigating Weber Grill. It is the best barbecue I have found currently available in Indianapolis. 

Teppanyaki review June 18, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in east, west.
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There’s a new place in Indy to get some delicious food at a cheap price! Well…a couple of places, actually. It’s called “Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet.” There’s one on the west side of Indy on 38th street, and there’s one on the east side of Indy on Washington street. The one on the west side is half a former Best Buy (they moved to 46th & Lafayette Road) and the one on the east side is half a former Frank’s Nursery & Crafts (they closed). I HIGHLY recommend this place. This buffet has a salad table, a fruit & dessert table, an ice cream table, and five more tables of food! Mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, hibachi rice, white rice, fried rice, seafood (east only), BBQ chicken, prime rib, chicken with beef, chicken with broccoli, chicken on a stick, sweet and sour chicken, thai chicken, bananas in strawberry glaze, mandarin oranges, regular oranges, peaches, pineapples, strawberries, and cheesecake…yes, cheesecake. At a buffet! They also have a hibachi grill where you can pick out meats and vegetables to be grilled according to your preference, and at NO extra cost. And the place is VERY clean, organized, classy, and beautiful to look at. The former properties are remodeled extensively. You feel like you’re at a $30-40 restaurant. And the best part? Dinner is only $10 and lunch is only $7 for all of this! It’s just about too good to be true. And sometimes, three plates of regular food and a fruit and dessert plate doesn’t even fill me up.


Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet West
5390 West 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 293-1600






Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet East
9701 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46229
(317) 897-6884






Sunday-Thursday: 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.