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Intro to the South Side (last updated 9-1-2012)

The South Side has most of its main attractions on the strip on and between US-31 (aka East street) and Madison Avenue. Most of the attractions begin south of Hanna Avenue (located at 4000 South).

When you go down Madison Avenue, there are several shops. There’s a huge, 24-hour Kroger for grocery shopping. There’s also an international grocery store, Saraga, off Stop 11 & Madison Avenue. (The only other Saraga in town is on the west side.)

The entrance to Greenwood Park Mall.

Gas stations usually tend to be a nickel or dime cheaper than those on US-31 or on the rest of the south side, so you can get more gas for less money. There’s a Walgreens at Madison Avenue, which is very clean, organized, and fancier than most. The employees there are very attentive, helpful, friendly, and personal. I’d recommend this Walgreens over any other on the south side just for the service! The last thing I’d like to mention about Madison Avenue is that it’s a back way into Greenwood Park Mall and it’s about 5-8 minutes faster than taking US-31.

While most Madison Avenue attractions are south of Hanna Avenue, there are three things to focus on just north of there: Aldi, K-Mart, and Enzo Pizza. Aldi has cheap groceries (all American-made too!) and they just opened in March 2011 off Madison & Troy. Enzo Pizza has some delicious pizza and other Italian dishes for under $6, and it’s just north of Hanna Avenue on Madison. Finally, there’s a K-Mart just north of the Aldi. Indianapolis doesn’t have many left, but it’s a pretty comprehensive store. I’d recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to go to Wal-Mart.

The South Side had last Old Country Buffet in town!

Now, focusing on US-31, this is the main road for the South Side. This street has just about everything Castleton has. There’s a Half-Price Books just past the mall, which is great for people who want discount CDs, DVDs, and books, or are just on a budget. Of course, there’s no guarantee Half-Price books will carry it.

There’s also a major shopping center on US-31 just south of Southport Road. It has a Wal-Mart, a Dollar Tree, and an iHop.  Plenty of shopping here for those who don’t want to go as far south as the mall! I should also mention there’s a Plato’s Closet here (better than the one on 96th street if you want to SELL), which buys and sells gently used clothing. It’s similar to Goodwil, except you can sell clothing here too- a good way to boost your budget!

There’s also the south side’s bowling alley, Greenwood Bowl, just before the K-Mart. Never been there, but if it’s anything like Woodland Bowl, it’s pretty nice. Another place for entertainment for all ages is America’s Incredible Pizza Company, located on Hardegan Road just off Madison Avenue. Again, I’ve never been there, but if it’s anything like the one that used to be in Lafayette Square Mall, it’s got indoor mini-bowling, a small version of laser tag, miniature golf, a bounce house, arcade games, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and movies.

The last remaining Ponderosa is also at Emerson & Thompson. They have a wide variety of country cooking for under $10 and they also offer steak platters. The buffet is very complete and is a bit better than Ryan’s, but I enjoy it MUCH more than Golden Corral! There are also a K-Mart, Marsh, and Kroger literally behind the Ponderosa and adjacent to each other. While there aren’t many K-Marts left in the city, the south side has a few! Also nearby is one of the three remaining Blockbuster Video stores in Indy.

Finally, there’s my favorite attraction- Greenwood Park Mall. This mall is similar to Castleton Square– it even has the same five anchor stores: Macy’s, Sears, Dick’s, Von Maur, and JcPenney. They also have a UniversiTees, Hot Topic, Aeropostale, and FYE. While their food court isn’t as huge, they have a Chick-fil-A and a Subway, and the Hollywood Store has some very unique and fancy T-shirts. Two things unique to this mall are Blondie’s Cookies and Old Navy. Blondie’s bakes a wide variety of cookies. They charge by weight, and can be pricey, but it’s about 40 cents per cookie cheaper than the Blondie’s in the Fashion Mall. They also have a Maggie Moo’s, which has the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever tasted. And the Old Navy in Greenwood Park Mall also has a large Men’s section, unlike its North side counterpart.  The layout is star-shaped and the mall has many restaurants outside, such as Stir Crazy, and other outdoor stores, like Barnes & Noble. It also has an Applebee’s, Mastercuts, and Men’s Wearhouse just inside the Mall at the JcPenney end. I’d recommend this mall. It’s very clean and the employees are the nicest I have EVER encountered anywhere across town- polite, friendly, courteous, professional, helpful, and productive.



1. arik way - August 31, 2012

fantastic article BUT you forgot the IMAX theater, we only have a few

kennynorman - September 1, 2012

Thanks! Tell me where it is and I’ll add it. I’ve only talked about places I’ve been to before.

2. iStock - May 14, 2014

Wow, that was odd. I just wrote a really long comment, but after I clicked “submit,” my comment didn’t appear.

Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

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