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Intro to the East Side  (last updated 9-1-2012)

Alright- I’m not gonna lie. I’ve only seen a few areas on the east side of town that have something to do. The main area for dining, leisure, and entertainment is East Washington Street.

Along East Washington Street lie a LOT of common businesses: a Best Buy, Michael’s, OfficeMax, Lane Bryant, a Verizon store, Panera, Steak n’ Shake, International Buffet, Goodwill, Karma, Golden Corral, a regular-priced movie theatre, a dollar theatre, Wal-Mart, Kroger, O’Charley’s, Applebee’s, a K-Mart, HH Gregg, Plato’s Closet, McAllister’s Deli, Hobby Lobby, and of course, Washington Square.

The main feature of East Washington Street is Washington Square Mall. While it may not have the selection of Castleton or Greenwood’s malls, it fares FAR better than Lafayette Square; at Washington Square, there are still stores like Bath & Body Works, Teriyaki Japan, Sui Feng Ju (cheapest smoothies in town!), Aeropostale, Victoria’s Secret, Dick’s, Sears, Foot Locker, Finish Line, Kay Jewelers, Claire’s, and Radio Shack. Best of all, there’s a Target IN the mall!

The entrance to Washington Square Mall.

In addition, there’s also a family fun center called Greatimes and a bowling alley called Expo Bowl, which are both directly east of Emerson & Elmwood. Expo Bowl only charges $7 for two games of bowling and shoes on Monday through Thursday. If you live on the east side, it’s the closest bowling alley to you, since Woodland Bowl is mostly north and only slightly east. There is usually a lot of room unless it’s a league night.

Greatimes is an outdoor and indoor family fun center that has just about everything- an indoor playground, arcade games, video games, bumper boats, go-karts, batting cages, mini-golf, food, and drinks. (Although I should probably note that the outdoor attractions vary by weather and season!) You can spend a little or a lot here- although if nothing else, the arcade games are only a quarter apiece. And the indoor playground is free, so if you happen to have kids, they can roam around in here. Food isn’t too pricey (under $3) but it’s limited in selection- mainly pizza and sodas.

The international Buffet is just off 465 East and is located where the Old Country Buffet used to be. They have a nice selection of Chinese food and their dinner buffet is only $10.

Another area also on the east side is the shops at 56th & Sunnyside. This area is a bit more compact, but it has a lot of smaller shops you might find in Castleton or Greenwood.

One of the two Ryan’s in Indy is off 10th & Shadeland. It’s $10 for dinner and they always have steak ready on the buffet! They also have pretty wide selection of food, though I mainly enjoy their made from scratch mashed potatoes. Their ice cream is also delicious, and they’re never in a rush to kick you out!

And finally, let’s welcome the NEWEST attraction to East Washington Street- Teppanyaki! Located at 9701 East Washington Street in Cherry Tree Plaza, they have THE WIDEST variety of items, as well as sushi and a hibachi grill. Dinner is only $9.89 and lunch is only $5.89, though it’s easy to find coupons for $1 off lunch and $1.50 off dinner!



1. BaldConstable - June 21, 2012

I love the blog layout! How do you make it!? It’s really nice.

2. arik way - August 31, 2012

Greatimes should be on your southside page

kennynorman - September 1, 2012

No it should not. It’s located at Emerson and Elmwood. Emerson is at 5100 East and Elmwood is at 4300 South, so Greatimes is farther East than it is South. Same with Expo Bowl.

Percola Johnson - September 21, 2012

No sir, you are wrong. Indianapolis is divided north and south by Interstate 70, and east and west by 31. It is closer to 31 than it is 70. Making it more south than east. BAM.

kennynorman - September 21, 2012

Actually, you’re wrong about 31 and 70. Indianapolis is divided north and south by WASHINGTON street and East and West by MERIDIAN street. That’s what the grid references like “2400 E” and “1400 W” and “3300 S” signs above street signs mean. Haven’t you ever studied a map of Indy?

kennynorman - September 25, 2012

I don’t know WHY you thought 31 and 70 were the dividing streets. Where’d you hear that?


Chris sommer - September 23, 2012

Get em Kenny!

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