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Welcome to Circle City Comics May 15, 2019

Posted by Kenny Norman in news, north.
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So tonight I tried out a new comic store off 86th & Michigan- Circle City Comics! They just opened two months ago, on March 27, so the store is still filling out with merchandise. The layout takes some getting used to. The brand-new issues released that week are on two tall racks near the register, while the issues that have been out for a week or two are along the wall or are on smaller racks away from the register.

I admit…I needed help from the cashier on my trip there. They’re open pretty late for a comic store (9pm), which is later than most comic stores in Indy are open (except Comic Book University). As added bonuses, at Circle City Comics, they bag & board ALL their new issues, they give a 15% discount on new issues, and it’s nice to FINALLY have a comic store on that side of town!


Review: Ukiyo May 8, 2019

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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Tonight I tried Ukiyo, a trendy modern Asian fusion restaurant off 49th & College. First thing I noticed when I walked in is that the air conditioning was not on, and it was 80 degrees outside. That said, service was polite, prompt, attentive, and immediate.

The bathrooms were also very clean and the facility had good lighting- not too bright, but you could at least see where you were walking. The prices were a bit on the high side, and the portions could have been a bit bigger. The food was rather delicious, though, and very juicy. I had sesame ribs with potatoes for $16. Granted, ribs usually are a more expensive entree.

I could have gotten ramen. They had three different types of ramen for $13. I don’t know if I’d go back again, because the portions were very small compared to the high pricing. Still, though, I had a very pleasant experience with good service, and the food was wonderful.