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Beginning dinner at Blaze Pizza January 11, 2019

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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Ebony and I have been on a campaign to try several new restaurants: India Cafe last July, TaiChi Asian House last August, Sisters Korean restaurant last October, and now, Blaze Pizza. There are several locations in Indy, but we went to the one off 86th & Michigan Road. The wait was crazy. We had to wait half an hour in line just to order, and then we had to wait another half an hour for the pizzas to be ready. Ebony ordered a standard cheese pizza. I got a standard ham and mushroom pizza, plus a “white top” pizza with white pizza sauce, garlic, cilantro, bacon, arugula, and some other toppings. I also ordered thicker crust. When I got the pizza, I was a bit disappointed that the thicker crust didn’t make my pizzas that much thicker.

Admittedly, I liked the ham and mushroom pizza more than I liked the white top pizza. The pizza itself actually tasted pretty good. The ham, mushroom, and sauce all tasted rich, flavorful, juicy, and fresh. Instead of drinking a soda like I usually do, I got a lemonade, which I enjoyed. It was tart, but still sweet, with 80 calories fewer than a glass of soda would have. I also got a brownie for $2. The brownie was fairly big and had chocolate chips in it, but I was disappointed at how dry and bland it was. I’d baked better brownies for myself at home.

We had to clean up before we left, but at least we didn’t have to tip. I liked Blaze Pizza better than Puccini’s, but not better than Greek’s, which has been my all-time favorite pizza place since 2009. That said, though, I’d go back to Blaze Pizza again. I’d just skip the white top pizza and brownie, sticking to just the ham and mushroom pizza and the lemonade.