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Return to Sisters Korean Restaurant December 15, 2018

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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Tonight I went back to Sisters Korean Restaurant in Greenwood with Ebony. We last went there two months ago and absolutely loved it. This time was just as good, if not better. I think I was more excited to be there than she was! I forgot what I had last time, so Ebony suggested I look through my camera for photos of our last visit. It was a good idea- as soon as I did, she matched the photo to one on the menu and realized I got bulgogi last time. (I mistakenly called it “bibimbap” all night; she knew what I meant.)

Thank goodness the staff at Sisters kept their promise from last time. They had previously promised to cook any spicy dish on the menu non-spicy for me. This allowed both me and Ebony to get the chicken stir-fry. We both loved it and it was delicious enough for us to both finish the whole thing! We also got refills on rice and on some of the appetizers, especially the potatoes we both love. Also, ont of the appetizers was hot dogs…that was not on the lineup last time.

We both agree we’d get the chicken stir-fry again if there weren’t other entrees on the menu we wanted to try. Next time, I plan on getting bibimbap and Ebony wants to get black bean noodles. Ebony said she wants to wait until spring to go back because it’ll be warmer then, and it’s a longer drive down there for her than it is for me.