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First Time at Sisters October 19, 2018

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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So I went with Ebony to Sisters Korean Restaurant in Greenwood. Occasionally Ebony will do a Google search for Korean restaurants in Indy, and this place caught her eye because they just opened in February. We went down to Main Street in Greenwood and we were impressed by the whole experience. The food was delicious and the facility was clean, which are both very important qualities in a restaurant, but I really have to speak well of the service. The staff was very fast at taking our orders, and they were almost as fast when it came to preparing and cooking the food. We barely had to wait at all! They also checked back often for refills and plate removal, which was quite helpful.

They also offered to cook any of the food in their menu marked “spicy” as non-spicy for me because I don’t like spicy food. Speaking of their menu, it was quite diverse and extensive. There were a lot of options, styles, and ways to have dishes prepared. I had a good bulgogi bowl, but I almost tried the bibimbap and the chicken stir fry. The bulgogi bowl came with white rice, which, to my pleasant surprise, they offered to refill. I also had some delicious dumplings as an appetizer. There were six giant dumplings in a sweet, tangy sauce. It was $8, but very worth it! Also, at Korean restaurants, the staff also give you a dozen other small dishes as sides for the entree.

Ebony and I both liked the potatoes, and when those came out, I made a comment about “those are the ones we’re gonna fight over.” The staff also offered to give us two more refills on those potatoes, again at no extra charge. Ebony and I both plan to return, as this place outdid the other Korean restaurants we’ve been to in just about every category. And next time…I’m getting that chicken stir fry.