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Hello, Hyderabad House! September 5, 2018

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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So last month, Abbie, Emily, and I headed to dinner at Hyderabad House, an Indian restaurant, on Michigan Road. I had been to a few other Indian places, but we had all wanted to try this place. So we went there for dinner, and although I’m a picky eater and I don’t like spicy food, there were a few things I could try. The wait staff was very helpful and highlighted the things I could eat that weren’t spicy…and by that, I mean they LITERALLY highlighted the things. Also, we stuck with water, because sodas came in cans, which meant no free refills. Emily DID have a mango smoothie after dinner. It smelled good and she enjoyed it, so I think I want that next time. Our entrees came with naan. I had regular naan and Emily had garlic naan…at least that’s what was SUPPOSED to happen, until I ate Emily’s naan by mistake. Whoops. I felt kinda bad about that, but she was a good sport about it. Hyderabad House lets you order an entree mild, medium, or hot. Not much of a ratings scale. I had chicken marsala on mild, which wasn’t bad. Abbie had another chicken dish on hot, and she felt like she was breathing fire. Emily had butter chicken on medium, and she was nice enough to let me and Abbie try it. The funny thing? I swear butter chicken on medium was not as spicy as chicken marsala on mild. So next time we go there, we’re all gonna get butter chicken. Mine will be mild and come with a mango smoothie!



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