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Tonight at TaiChi August 24, 2018

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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About two months ago, I received ads on my Instagram feed from a restaurant near downtown called TaiChi. The food looked pretty good, so Ebony and I added it on our list of restaurants to try. We finally had dinner there for the first time on August 24. Parking was messy, but the restaurant had plenty of seating. More people came in later the longer we were there.

We had to switch tables from a table with a pot hole to a table with a grill and a pot hole when we decided we wanted the grill & pot combo with the teriyaki chicken. We had to grill the meat and boil the vegetables. We were a bit nervous grilling the food ourselves, but I think we managed to not give ourselves food poisoning. And the sauces, especially the peanut sauce, were DELICIOUS! I also had sesame sauce, barbecue sauce, and seafood sauce. (These are Taichi’s names, not mine. Names are misleading.)

Service was prompt and wonderful, and the waiter was very knowledgeable about both the menu and when it was time to take the meat off the grill. He also actually volunteered to get photos of us at the end, which was very thoughtful and it saved us the trouble of having to ask. We got teriyaki chicken on the grill & pot combo, porkbelly on the grill & pot combo, and a soda for $30, but because Ebony and I split it evenly, we each paid $15, which I find to be a wonderful value. We both got quite full as well. I’d go back there again, except I think we would both prefer to order off the regular menu so we don’t have to cook it ourselves!



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