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Investigating India Cafe March 2, 2018

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I went with Sarah to India Cafe at 86th & Ditch last week at her recommendation. My previous experiences with Indian food were not the best. I found it to be too spicy. I don’t like spicy food, and my tongue is very sensitive. Sarah called the place and found out they could make it as spicy as you wanted. For me, that means “no spices.” When we got there, the place was very clean, quiet, and bright, and the staff was very nice and well composed. It turns out the lunch buffet was cheaper than the lunch entrees, so we opted for the buffet. After all, for $10, the buffet was a better value. Surprisingly, most of what I tried was not at all spicy! It was actually quite flavorful, albeit a different flavor and spice pallet than that of other ethnic food I have eaten. The food had a simple rule: if it was mostly solid, then it wasn’t spicy. If it was mostly liquid, like a soup or sauce, then it was mostly spicy. I liked their rice and a lot of their chicken entrees, and the vegetables weren’t too bad either. My favorite item on the buffet was the chicken tandoori. It was juicy and rich, with flavor like no other chicken I had eaten before. I had three of those. I don’t know when I will be able to have free time for lunch again, but I would love to go back here and I highly recommend this place, especially to anyone who normally wouldn’t eat Indian food.



1. pinksherri - March 2, 2018

Hey there!!!!

How are you doing, sweetie?

Catch me up on where you are working and all that good stuff!!!

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