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Mistreatment at Menards September 14, 2016

Posted by Kenny Norman in east.
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So I was at the Pendleton Pike Menards (formerly the East 38th street Menards) with my dad on 9/12/2016 at 9:58 pm handling one of the fertilizer bags from the garden center. It was improperly stored and somewhat damaged, and fertilizer dust spilled all over my hands and clothes. I walked up to the exit door where two employees were locking up at 10:01 pm. I explained to them the situation and asked if I could wash my hands clean of their product, and they said yes. However, right as I was going in, another employee stopped me, and rudely asked “Can I help you?” and even though the other employees allowed me entrance, she contradicted what the other employees already represented and told me I couldn’t go in because the store was closing. She kept insisting “it’s not our policy to let anyone in after the store is closed.” I even pointed out that they were liable because it was their defective product and she still said the same thing. My dad, who is 58 years old and has been shopping at that store since it first opened on 38th street and is a longtime loyal customer, was with me, told her what happened, pointed out two employees already said yes, pointed out their product was defective, and pointed out they were liable, and she still said the same thing. I find this treatment quite rude and disappointing, and I walked away literally a dusty mess. My dad urged me to contact corporate, and I did. They were nice enough to give me the manager’s number. I called him today, and I read him the letter to corporate verbatim at first. Then, when it seemed like I wouldn’t get any free stuff or discounts and just a bunch of flustered apologies, I decided to rub salt in the wound, saying that I went to the 96th street Menards last night, where everything was fully stocked and properly handled and sealed. And the employees were much, MUCH nicer. The manager sounded the most hurt when I said that, saying “sorry to hear that.” I then told him my dad and I run a lawn business and we get 90% of our materials from THAT store on Pendleton Pike. Finally, I added that if his employees treat me like crap one more time, then I’m switching to the 96th street store for good.



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