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Tonight at Fresh Thyme October 29, 2015

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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Fresh Thyme (2)

Fresh Thyme (1) So tonight, October 28, I totally made out like a bandit at the Fresh Thyme Farmers Market on 82nd Street! I got 88 cent blackberries, $1.99 eggs (20 cents cheaper than Aldi and Wal-Mart this week!), and 88 cent blueberries that were normally $4.99 thanks to a rain check from last July that never expires! Sweet! The blueberries were the best. Instead of $35, I spent $6.16. I got seven packs, which is all the store had left. I really like the rain check policy. That way, the sale goes on forever and the rain check, which, as I said earlier, can be used anytime after the sale ends and items can be bought for the sale price! Blueberries were in season in the summer, and they’re not now, so I’m glad I used that! I also really like Fresh Thyme’s eggs. I once was cooking hard-boiled eggs and I dropped two eggs in an empty pot. I got disgruntled because I thought I just wasted two eggs, but those eggs didn’t even have a scratch! Fresh Thyme also has a “double ad day” every Thursday, where both the previous and upcoming week’s ads are valid. I like this because, in addition to double sales, it eliminates confusion about whether the ad begins or ends on Thursday. I don’t shop at Fresh Thyme too often, but when they have sales, it was totally worth it! Now hopefully I won’t need eggs, blackberries, or blueberries for a while…


Gas for $1.99! October 19, 2015

Posted by Kenny Norman in east, north.
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Look at how dirt cheap the gas is at the new BP at 38th & Sherman! $1.99!!!!!

Gas for $1.99