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Tonight at MCL August 24, 2015

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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IMG_5384 We visited the MCL at 86th & Township Line tonight, August 24, 2015. We asked the lady in the serving line if there were refills on chocolate milk. She said “yes” and gave me one, and my dad said “If there are refills, then I’ll take one, too,” and she gave him one. Then our waitress, Lyric, a different lady, says there are no refills on chocolate milk. She gets the manager and he backs her up on it. I ask, if I got another drink, then would they charge me, he said yes, so all he offers to give us is ice water. So they told us wrong and refused to fix it. That is misrepresentation. We would NOT have gotten milk had we known. Also, my dad had a sticker on his cooked tomato, and it was a produce sticker, so I have issues with the freshness AND the service here. If the employees misinform us, then the manager should have tried to fix it instead of being completely unapologetic and unhelpful. I’m not even that upset about the lack of refills on chocolate milk; I’m upset about the poor service and the manager’s demeanor. I’m filling out a complaint card and sending it to corporate.


Review: House of Cheung August 5, 2015

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I went to House of Cheung off 71st & Keystone for dinner on July 31, 2015. I had passed this several times, and now that the Broad Ripple MCL and Greek’s have both closed, I need a new close place to eat. Admittedly, I was quite curious. The prices were fair for a standard Chinese restaurant without a buffet. Most entrees were under $10. I picked the chicken with snow peas because the teriyaki chicken was deep fried. I also decided to try their wonton soup. The wonton soup was fairly delicious, but not special or exceptional enough to justify an extra $2.The chicken and snow peas were tasty, but a little on the bland side. I had to use a little soy sauce to add more flavor. The waitress checked back frequently for soda refills, and I asked for four. I also had an egg roll for an appetizer, and this had more taste than anything I’d had, though it could use more flavor as well. Service was nice and friendly, prices were reasonable, and wait time was between short and moderate, but I’m not too sold on the food. I may come back again to order a different entree. Also, I found it peculiar that they use Square for all their credit card transactions instead of using a standard cash register with a card-swiping device.