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Great night on the east side, September 23 September 23, 2014

Posted by Kenny Norman in east.
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Washington Square Mall Exterior (5)

Washington Square Mall (6)
I had a wonderful time on the east side after karate tonight. I arrived at Washington Square Mall at 8:47, and I headed straight for Aeropostale. More proof that this mall’s Aeropostale is my favorite: I found the exact item I was looking for within five seconds (no exaggeration) of entering. I decided to also check out the clearance section, which was four shelves wide, and I found another T-shirt for $6 and a hoodie for $7! This Aeropostale is my favorite because they almost always seem to have my sizes (XL and 34) in abundance, whereas others, especially Castleton Square’s Aeropostale, do not. I didn’t find any shorts in my size, but that’s alright because I got two t-shirts and a hoodie! I then went to the Chinese place across the hall, Sui Feng Ju, but because it was 8:55 and the mall shut down in five minutes, they had already put away the food.
Aeropostale- Washington Square Mall

DSCF5211 Of course, anyone who knows me knows that when I go Washington Square Mall, I’m inclined to think, “Well, I’m already at Aeropostale. I might as well go to Target!” The Target at the mall is one of only two I will visit (the other being Glendale), and much to my surprise, I actually bought stuff there tonight. Their eggs were $1.69, same as Aldi or Wal-Mart. Their hash browns were $2.15, cheaper than Aldi. Their Juicy Juice was $2.69, just one penny higher than Wal-Mart. And their Reese’s cups were 79 cents, same as Dollar Tree. So I actually got food for $13, which decreases tomorrow night’s Aldi/Wal-Mart bill. The night ended on an even better note, as I was able to tank up at the 10th & Mitthoeffer Speedway for only $3.08 a gallon! That particular Speedway tends to be more competitive and cheaper than other gas stations in the area. So I got cheap clothes, cheap food, and cheap gas on the east side tonight. I’d call that a win, and this is a wonderful example of why, despite the east side having fewer resources than the north or south sides, I like to come out here once in a while.


Review: Parthenon September 23, 2014

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I received a free “$10 off” coupon courtesy of Restaurant.com to the Parthenon restaurant at 86th & Ditch. It serves mainly Greek & Mediterranean food. I went in and the place didn’t look crowded with either diners or tables, and while décor is NOT a factor in where I like to eat, the place had several pieces of art and other decorations. The waitress was pleasant and friendly, coming right up to our table. She also was knowledgeable about the entrees, confirming that the chicken shawarma plate was not spicy. Therefore, I decided to get it and it was delicious! It had some interesting seasoning that made my tongue tingle, but was not spicy. It was also very flavorful. I picked off the onions and bell peppers, and the manager, being very observant, offered to cook it without those things next time. The waitress also gave us unlimited pita bread, which was also quite tasty.The manager also gave us drinks to go, and he also honored our coupon anyway when it looked like we only spent $19.45. There was a $20 minimum spend requirement, and we actually hit it because they forgot to add in the drinks. We were honest and told him that, but it was nice of the manager to factor the coupon anyway. The waitress even bagged up the to-go box for my dad’s gyro, which was also notably delicious. The Parthenon was the most delicious non-buffet I’ve been to in a while, and they have excellent service. I will be back again for sure!

The Parthenon
1482 W 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46260
(317) 228-1111