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Review: Iron Sheet Royal Grill February 24, 2014

Posted by Kenny Norman in west.
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On Sunday, February 23, I went to Iron Sheet Royal Grill at 4873 West 38th Street, home to what was once WTT Buffet, and before that, Old Country Buffet. The place has done an extensive remodel; only the location of the bathrooms and the tile behind the buffet even hint at its lineage.

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Anyway, I didn’t have time to get a fruit plate because I had to be at work by 12:30, but I had a good meal- four plates. The first plate of buffet food consisted of traditional Chinese buffet fare- fried rice, chicken on a stick, chicken with broccoli, sweet & sour chicken, and bourbon chicken. The first buffet plate I got felt cold and stale, yet the second buffet plate I got felt hotter and tastier.

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There were two grills- one “hibachi” and one “Mongolian.” Each one was OK, not great. It was like the hibachi grill from Teppanyaki broken into two with ingredients split and sent to each one. Oh, and you can have limes on your grill. That part was nice. Also, when I was getting food at the grills, the manager, dressed in a suit so he’s hard to miss, explained to me what each of the sauces were because they were in the middle of removing and refilling the bowls.
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The restaurant certainly spared no expense with décor, but I wish they had Wonton Soup. Coupons are fairly easy to come by at Coupons4Indy.com, and lunch is under $6 and dinner is under $9 with coupon. All in all, while I’ve had better (totally looking at you, Teppanyaki East), it’s not bad, and I’d go here again…if I were already on the west side.

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