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Stupid or Seasonal? November 25, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in east.
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I went to Aeropostale at Washington Square and asked an employee if their fleeces were on sale. He turns and asks me “What’s a fleece?” A manager had to tell him and then point me to their location. Aeropostale- Washington Square Mall And when I went to check out (the fleece was too much, so I got cologne), I asked the cashier if I could pay $10 in cash and put the rest on a credit card, she just gave me this blank look like she was in another universe. Five seconds later, I just spared her and swiped my card. I seriously hope both those employees were new or seasonal; otherwise, they look reallllllly stupid. But the Aeropostale at Washington Square is still the best one in town, whereas Castleton Square’s is the worst.