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Dinner at Indy East Ryan’s, June 18 June 18, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in east.
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LOVED the service on the East Side Indy Ryan’s on Shadeland. I called ahead to check on the closing time. The lady who answered said they closed at 9 tonight, when they really closed at 8. My dad and I get there at 7:59 and they’re about to close. The manager opens the door for us and we tell him about the closing time discrepancy. As a result, he gives us a BOGO coupon and our meal is free, which is a better deal than the $8 dinner coupons my dad and I each had. As a result, we got to keep the coupons.
Ryan's Steakhouse (11)
It gets better.

They ran out of mashed potatoes (the main reason I go there and the reason I like Ryan’s more than Golden Corral), so they made a fresh batch for me. I went up to the Mongolian Grill and, as usual, no one was working there. Our hostess found someone for me and when I commented that the noodles looked dry & withered, they said they’d whoop me up a new batch in 8 minutes, and it came very fresh and everything!

As always, our waitress was prompt with both drinks and rolls, so we gave her a $3 tip instead of the usual $2.

We left at 8:50, and I hope we didn’t keep the staff too late, but in our defense, we got there at 7:59 thinking the place closed at 9:00, and we were NOT the last customers left inside.

The only downside is that their ice cream machine was broken, so I couldn’t get any of their delicious ice cream. But for the price tonight, I’m not complaining!


Going out east again… June 18, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in east.
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Ryan's Steakhouse (6) OK, so the EAST side Ryans off 10th & Shadeland CLAIMS to be open ’til 9 (whereas it used to be 8), as opposed to the SOUTH side one, which claims they are open ’til 8:30. 6- TeppanyakiThink I’m heading out east yet again. Second time this week I’ve been out there, after my night at Washington Square Mall and Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet. See, THIS is why I never go to Castleton anymore…Washington Square Mall (3)