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An act of charity at Aeropostale May 20, 2013

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I went to the Castleton Square Aeropostale on May 19, the fourth and final day of their 25% off sale. After I bought a t-shirt and two pairs of shorts, I realized I had three extra “25% off” coupons. I decided to go and pass them around to random people in the store. I figured, “Why not? It’s the last day of the sale and SOMEone could use them!” What surprised me was that all these random people in the store, for whatever reason, did not have coupons despite the sale being blatantly publicly announced weeks ago and during the sale. But oh well. Spread the wealth!!!


Service at Ryan’s tonight May 11, 2013

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So Kate and I went to the Ryan’s on US 31 tonight, which is unusual because we usually eat at the Ryan’s at 10th & Shadeland. But hey, we’re at Greenwood Park Mall, so US 31 Ryan’s is closer. The service was AMAZING…I’ll expand on that a bit.

When we got in, we had two $8 dinner coupons. We thought it took one person per check because we paid separately, but our hostess happily said we only needed one, so I kept my coupon while still getting the discount.

Kate urgently needed some drink to take her meds. I took her order receipt to the waitress at the drink station to ask her for a rush order, only to see that she had BOTH our drinks filled and ready to go. She brought the drinks to Kate very quickly and happily said, “Here you go! My name’s Carrie if you need anything!”

I also NEVER had to ask for a drink- our waitress continually and casually spied on our table and brought us a new drink every time our current one got low. EVERY time.

Ryan’s also has a Mongolian Stir-Fry grill with one person on duty ready to cook. When I wanted a second stir-fry plate, and no one was working the station, I go up to a group of hostess and waitresses to ask if they can call the stir-fry cook up there. Instead, one of them nicely offers to cook me a plate, and when it’s finished, she winks at me. Awesome!

Ryan’s also closes at 9:30, and we were there from 9:00-10:36. Of course, the people at Ryan’s NEVER kick you out at closing; they instead ASK you at around 10:00 if you’re done with the salad bar, hot bar (where most of the food is), and dessert bar before they deconstruct each station. Three waiters and waitresses even asked us if we were done with the hot bar, which was nice.

I also needed change for a tip, since I only had a $20. I walked up to a waitress (not ours), and she happily makes change for a $20 in three $5s and five $1s.

On the way out, I felt bad for staying an hour past closing. I just laid down the tip and our waitress apologizes for cutting our visit short due to closing. She also asks if I want a drink to go, and I say yes. She comes back with a 32 oz. cup! I also ask if we can take the rolls. She says we can if we just carry them out because they’re not allowed to give bags; she even said we could have had the leftover rolls were the wait staff not on camera!

In retrospect, I should have given more than a $2 tip. I generally give $1 per person for buffets, as opposed to 15-10% (depending on quality of service) for sit-down restaurants.

8180 US 31 South
Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 881-1156

Castleton Square Mall run, May 2 May 2, 2013

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So on May 2nd, I decided to stop at Castleton Square Mall after karate like I sometimes do. I usually get some vanilla ice cream from Dairy Queen, but this time I also decided to go by Yankee Candle to get some of those car vent stick air fresheners for my dad. I got cotton, beach, and lavender vanilla scented sticks for $12, which is pretty good. That comes out to $1 apiece, and Yankee Candle is usually pricey! I then got my ice cream and walked around the mall until it was finished. I’m at Center Court by Macy’s with my ice cream halfway eaten when I pass the brand-new Starbucks kiosk. I hear a lady say “Excuse me…” and years of dealing with Deep Sea Cosmetics salespeople make me cringe when I hear those words. I had to remind myself that this was NOT Deep Sea Cosmetics. I turn and say “yes?” and the cute, polite lady is offering me a free dessert. I did a double take and clarified it was free. I then asked her what desserts they had. They had brownies, as well as chocolate cinnamon bread, but I chose the blueberry scone. Now, it was 8:40, which is 20 minutes before closing time, so they were probably giving away all the desserts that didn’t sell that day. But hey, I’ll take it! It was pretty good. Dry, but good. Luckily I still had my ice cream. I took off by 8:51. And yes, now I want to visit that Starbucks kiosk sometime to get another blueberry scone, even though I don’t drink coffee.