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BJ’s Brewhouse was pretty good April 23, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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So Indiana has a BJ’s Brewhouse at Greenwood Park Mall, one of my frequent hangouts. One of my people suggested going to dinner there before finals, and noted that BJ’s brews their own Root Beer. Greenwood Park Mall (12) It sounded pretty good to me. We went there and I HAD to try the Root Beer. It was intriguing- not very carbonated, but had a hint of vanilla in it. Have you ever drank something that tasted amazing, but had a bland aftertaste? This is almost the opposite. Drink it and you won’t think it’s notable right away, but 3 seconds in, you’ll be like “Oh. Oh! OH!” and enjoy the aftertaste for minutes afterwards. BJ's As far as food goes, I had a pizza, which was pretty tasty, but not in the league of Greek’s or Pizza Hut. Still though, it was good and I’d eat it again. Though next time I go to BJ’s Brewhouse, I think I’ll try a burger!


Indiana’s April Weather… April 19, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in miscellaneous.
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It’s April 19, 2013.

So, to recap, last week had 46, 66, and 82 in the same week, yesterday was 77, and today was 44. Indiana, you’ve hit a new low.

I’m just gonna post a pic of this insanity for everyone to see…
April Weather

Intrigued by Bath & Body Works April 2, 2013

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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Bath & Body Works- Village Park Plaza Bath & Body Works has a traditionally feminine reputation. I agree with that, but that aside? It was AWESOME! It was the most amazing thing I ever smelled that wasn’t food. And I was also pleased to see that they had a men’s section with scents that interested me. I’ve been in there with a few of my friends when they bought stuff for themselves. I’m very interested in Bath & Body Works because I could use all the fragrances I can get to battle other, more unpleasant smells around my house. Unfortunately, they’re too pricey for me. A small, 8-oz bottle of lotion is $11, whereas an 18-oz bottle at Target is $2.89. Also, a small 1-oz bottle of hand sanitizer is $1.50, whereas a 12-oz bottle at Dollar Tree is only $1. I guess it’s all about the fragrance!