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Castleton Square vs. Washington Square August 29, 2012

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I swear Castleton Square is getting more and more useless to me every day. I counted, and there are actually more attractions for me at Washington Square! Each mall has an Aeropostale and 2 food places: Frullati and Asian Chao at Castleton Square and Sui Feng Ju and Teriyaki Japan at Washington Square. However, Washington Square ALSO has a Target as an anchor store, which I think is SUPER awesome and practical! Castleton Square hasn’t been the same since it lost Borders, and a lot of the new retailers brought on are more upscale, overpriced, and impractical stores that are similar to the ones found in the (horrible) Fashion Mall. So now Washington Square has a more casual atmosphere, which I like. I don’t want Castleton Square to become SO classy that it turns me away!


My letter to Castleton Square August 27, 2012

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I plan on going to Circle Centre Mall tomorrow, August 27, and dropping off this letter to SIMON guest services:

Castleton Square just doesn’t do much for me since Borders left. I actually have more things to do at Washington Square Mall. It seems like the grand majority of stores in Castleton Square are women’s clothing stores, and your own directories support my claims. And when you have vacancies, instead of getting more new stores, you just get bigger stores or expand current stores, like Finish Line, H&M, Off-Broadway Shoes, and Forever 21. What few new stores you get seem like Fashion Mall reject stores: upscale, overpriced, impractical, and utterly useless to me. My main three attractions at Castleton Square are Aeropostale, Asian Chao, and Frullati. Other stores MIGHT include Hot Topic and FYE, but get both MORE stores and a WIDER VARIETY of stores!

-Kenny Norman

No K-Marts north of Washington Street August 19, 2012

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Well, the ONLY K-Mart north of Washington Street in Indianapolis closed on May 10 (approximately), 2012. This was the K-Mart off 38th street and Pendleton Pike. Sears and K-Mart had to file for bankruptcy, leading to closures of the least successful branches. That particular K-Mart was targeted due to lagging electronics sales, but the other 4 K-Marts and all 3 Sears (even the one at Washington Square) came out OK. The Sears are at Washington Square Mall, Castleton Square Mall, and Greenwood Park Mall. The other 4 K-Marts are on West Washington Street by the airport, East Washington Street by I-465, Madison & Troy by U of I, and Emerson & Thompson by Ponderosa. But those are all on or south of Washington Street, which both explains why most north siders don’t know K-Mart still exists in Indy and also why I only go to K-Mart after work!

Target really screwed us over August 6, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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Target really screwed us over.


Don’t get me wrong- I LIKE shopping at Target, despite the fact that they bill themselves as a “discount retailer” while being kinda pricey. (I’d hate to see who they compare themselves to when they say “discount retailer”!) But anyway, back in 2002, Target kinda screwed the inner-city North side Indy by closing the Target I went to at 52nd & Keystone. (As of early 2008, it’s a Dollar Tree that I go to all the time!) That Target closed January 31, 2003. People were saying, “Oh, just go to the one in Nora at 82nd & College. It’ll be a SuperTarget.” I had two problems with this:


  1. It’s NOT a SuperTarget. Nora just renovated and the renovations weren’t seamless- their new building wasn’t open until July 2004.
  2. THERE’S A WAL-MART ON THE WAY!!!! Halfway there, too! And going from 52nd & Keystone to 86th & College is a 15-minute drive (it’s already a 10-minute drive to get to 52nd & Keystone for me)- why do that when there’s a Wal-Mart only 7 minutes farther at 71st & Keystone?


Years later, after the sacrifice of the dearly departed Glendale Mall, Target came back to the inner-city (but in a more suburban location) north side at 62nd & Keystone by building a new Target on the site of the former Glendale Mall, which opened in July 2008. However, 5.5 years is a long time to go without an easily accessible Target, and by then, we had long since switched to Wal-Mart. So while I like shopping at Target, I’m out of the habit of going there, and also, my dad hates NOT one-stop shopping, and Target is not a one-stop shop.