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Latitude 39 June 28, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I can’t wait for this place to open. Since AMC moved to Castleton Square in (what was it, 2008?), its former location off 82nd & Dean Road has remained vacant. A year ago, I hear about plans of a place called “Latitude 39” to take the space. This new place should have a restaurant, bowling alley, movies, dance floor, and a game room. It’s been a year and I still REALLY want to go there as soon as it opens! Ironically, it sounds very similar to the long-departed Block Party (closed April 26, 2002), which was located right across the street. Click the link below for more info. –Kenny




Article Update 6-27 June 27, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in news.
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Hey people! OK so my last article update was April 11, and since then I’ve had quite a bit published- there are 17 articles here and I don’t even know if this is everything I’ve written. I just wanted to wait a month or two to post this so I didn’t have to update it weekly. Anyway, enjoy!



















Teppanyaki review June 18, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in east, west.
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There’s a new place in Indy to get some delicious food at a cheap price! Well…a couple of places, actually. It’s called “Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet.” There’s one on the west side of Indy on 38th street, and there’s one on the east side of Indy on Washington street. The one on the west side is half a former Best Buy (they moved to 46th & Lafayette Road) and the one on the east side is half a former Frank’s Nursery & Crafts (they closed). I HIGHLY recommend this place. This buffet has a salad table, a fruit & dessert table, an ice cream table, and five more tables of food! Mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, hibachi rice, white rice, fried rice, seafood (east only), BBQ chicken, prime rib, chicken with beef, chicken with broccoli, chicken on a stick, sweet and sour chicken, thai chicken, bananas in strawberry glaze, mandarin oranges, regular oranges, peaches, pineapples, strawberries, and cheesecake…yes, cheesecake. At a buffet! They also have a hibachi grill where you can pick out meats and vegetables to be grilled according to your preference, and at NO extra cost. And the place is VERY clean, organized, classy, and beautiful to look at. The former properties are remodeled extensively. You feel like you’re at a $30-40 restaurant. And the best part? Dinner is only $10 and lunch is only $7 for all of this! It’s just about too good to be true. And sometimes, three plates of regular food and a fruit and dessert plate doesn’t even fill me up.


Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet West
5390 West 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 293-1600






Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet East
9701 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46229
(317) 897-6884






Sunday-Thursday: 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Where’s Michelle? June 8, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in miscellaneous.
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What’s happened to Michelle Branch lately? She released ‘The Spirit Room’ in 2001 and ‘Hotel Paper’ in 2003. After that, she teamed with Jessica Harp to form the Wreckers in 2005 and they released ‘Stand Still, Look Pretty’ in 2006. The Wreckers disbanded in 2008.

And that’s where things get messy.

Michelle Branch was supposed to release a new album with a country flavor, ‘Everything Comes and Goes’ in fall of 2008, made of unused Wreckers material. It didn’t happen, and technicalities with the record label made it get released as an EP (a shorter album) in summer 2010, with three songs available as a free download from Michelle’s website. (Thank you so much, Michelle! Love that ‘Long Goodbye’!) Michelle then planned at the end of 2010 to go back to her rock roots with her next album, ‘West Coast Time.’ She was so proud of how everything was being done according to her wishes and on time. The album was supposed to be released September 2011. But, for reasons fully unknown (probably more record label technicalities), it’s STILL not out yet. So I gotta say…WHAT THE HELL, Michelle’s record label? What is going ON here? Why do you delay these albums indefinitely and jerk her (and us fans) around? Gah. As a devoted Michelle Branch fan, this thoroughly annoys me. At least Michelle was nice enough to release ‘If You Happen to Call’ from her website. I totally don’t blame her at all, but I VERY much blame whoever’s in charge of managing the album.

Chef Mike’s Charcoal Grill review June 6, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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Last Christmas, I got some e-mail coupons to the restaurants of my choice. I could choose 4 out of 200, and one of those was Chef Mike’s Charcoal Grill. I picked it because it was “American” and I found few “Chinese” or “Japanese” places. It was far northwest, off West 71st Street and I-465, somewhat close to Traders Point. I have now been there three times, and the third time was WITHOUT A COUPON. It’s THAT good.

Most places, like O’Charley’s, Friday’s, Chili’s, and Applebee’s, have buttered and grilled bread with greasy meat when it comes to Cheeseburgers. Not so with Chef Mike’s; therefore, I can actually eat their cheeseburgers! This is probably a reault of the charcoal grilling. And they are DELICIOUS…one of a few places in Indy where I actually want a cheeseburger! All condiments and toppings are placed on the side and although they usually don’t ask how well you want your burger done, it comes out medium well. There are few places that aren’t buffets and aren’t expensive that I can honestly say make me feel full. (Perkins and Greek’s Pizzeria are two places that come to mind.)

In addition to their wide variety of burgers, Chef Mike’s also has pizza, barbecue, chicken wings, salads, fries, soups, steak, and fish. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s all American. From what I can gather on Google, Chef Mike’s opened in the summer of 2009 following the closure of a less than successful pub in fall 2008. Chef Mike’s also has special events and daily special entrees, though I’ve never been to or had any. What I HAVE had is the pizza, and while not as good as Greek’s, I have to say it puts most restaurants’ pizza, including Olive Garden to shame with its easily chewable crust, rich cheese, and sweet pizza sauce.

Orders take a bit longer to come out, probably due to the style of grilling. So I wouldn’t recommend this place if you want to eat the minute you walk in the door, but if you don’t mind 15-20 minutes for an order to go through, then it is well worth it and very rich, delicious, and filling. Again, I thank the charcoal grill. And the wait staff is friendly, attentive, and courteous…and somehow, they have eyes and ears everywhere. I once whispered that I wanted a drink and the waitress immediately walked across the restaurant to bring me one.

All in all, if you’re looking for a moderately-priced, non-buffet, American restaurant that excels at grilling, check this place out. The only thing I should warn you about is that you’ll need to go turn left on Woodland Drive (also called Commerce Drive due south of West 71st street) and then turn left past the McDonald’s but before the hotel. The drive is somewhat hidden.

Chef Mike’s Charcoal Grill
7102 Woodland Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46278
(317) 295-9490

Greenwood Park Mall run, June 5, 2012 June 5, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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So I hadn’t been to Greenwood Park Mall in about six weeks. The main reason I go there is for Old Navy and Aeropostale clothes, as well as Blondie’s Cookies and Maggie Moo’s ice cream. I hadn’t been there in a while because my closet is filling up. As an added bonus, I’m saving money!

So how do I reward myself for that? Go to Greenwood Park Mall and hit up all four places.

When I got there, I noticed a few things: FYE is moving into the former Hallmark store by the outdoor wing, there’s a huge store going in by Sears that an employee tells me will be some women’s clothing store, there’s a Francesca’s Collections now open, and a store next to one of the jewelry stores closed.

I avoid going to Greenwood Park Mall because it is my favorite mall of the six in town. Why is that a problem? Because it’s the ONLY mall where I can even risk overspending!

Luckily, I had $5 gift cards to both Old Navy and Blondie’s. I first went to Aeropostale and got a pair of blue cargo shorts for $15. That’s about as cheap as Aeropostale shorts get, so I’m glad I found a pair in my size. As always, I tried them on to confirm before I bought them! I then went to Maggie Moo’s and saw the kiosk was unattended, which was disappointing. I went ahead to Old Navy and found that my thin fleece hoodies have FINALLY hit the clearance rack! I saw one on sale for $10. I grabbed that, a nice new white and light blue polo, and a $5 4th of July flag T-shirt.

Unfortunately, this location didn’t let me combine coupons this time, as they have in the past. I couldn’t get 10% off on a Tuesday with my Old Navy card AND use a 10% off survey coupon. Oh well. After that, I headed to Blondie’s and got an M&M cookie, a chocolate chip cookie, and an iced sugar cookie for 67 cents. Remember- I had a $5 gift card. (As of this posting, two of those cookies remain uneaten!) I looked back at Maggie Moo’s and there was FINALLY someone there. As an added bonus, there wasn’t much of a line! I got my usual small strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone with pieces of Butterfinger. It was delicious. The kiosk had a sticker saying, “#1 strawberry ice cream in America,” and this is one of the few times where I dare to say that the sticker isn’t bragging!

I walked around the mall, particularly the outdoor part, for the next 15 minutes to finish my ice cream. I went to the outdoor section and saw that the huge fountain was on. There were also a bunch of trees with what looked like blueberries on their leaves. Of course, those don’t grow on trees, so they were probably boysenberries. I knew that had to be too good to be true! I finished my ice cream and washed my hands before taking off. A good time at Greenwood Park Mall, and let’s see if I can go another six weeks before I go back there!