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Downtown Greek’s Pizzeria analysis February 27, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown.
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I went downtown yesterday (Jan. 17) to Circle Centre Mall. I was going to eat at Asian Chao and Frullati in the food court on level 3, but then I remembered the downtown Greek’s Pizzeria had recently opened. I’d been missing it since the Broad Ripple location closed (on my birthday, no less), and while the South side one was still around, it was across town. Downtown was significantly closer. I walked to 15 N. Pennsylvania St., noticing how small the building was. I walked right in and noticed that, while small, it made efficient use of all the space and was very clean. The lady at the counter was very polite and professional and took my order for a medium mushroom and ham pizza, which was $13.47. I ate it on the way home and it was delicious! I highly recommend this location, especially if you don’t live close to the Emerson Ave. & Stop 11 Rd. location and have been missing this pizza since their Broad Ripple location’s closing!


Formosa Seafood Buffet overview February 24, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in north.
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I went with my dad sometime in the middle of January to a new restaurant in Castleton that just opened December 5: Formosa seafood buffet. We walked in and it looked REALLY fancy. Everything was polished and decorated and clean. There were about 5 tables of main course food and 2 of desserts. My dad got about 4 plates of seafood. I had my usual stuff I get at a Chinese buffet. The rice, chicken, and broccoli were pretty good, though it was nothing super special. What WAS super special, however, was the fruit and dessert tables! The fruit was fresh and juicy, and the desserts were sweet, moist, and smooth…delicious stuff! They had all kinds of desserts, though I really liked the iced pound cake. We wondered: if a restaurant looks that fancy and is that good, how much is our bill? It cost about $5 more than other places of its kind, such as Ocean at 86th & Michigan, but it was worth it!