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…and UIndy fixed things. January 4, 2012

Posted by Kenny Norman in news, south.
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Well, people may remember my earlier post, “…and UIndy FAILs again!” But I just wanted to update everyone and let them know they fixed things. I took the unenthusiastic ushers’ comment to take it up with the box office, and so I did. After numerous phone calls and e-mails to two different people, I got an apology e-mail from the head of the box office and an apology call from the ticket manager. He offered to either refund me for the Dec. 4 play or give me two free tickets for the Dec. 10 play. Since I really wanted to see how the Student-Directed Productions ended, and to account for the cost of gas and lost time, I chose the latter. I brought my dad with the extra ticket since it was finals week for all my poor friends at school. And as an additional thing that impressed me, the ushers made a verbal announcement before the play about how the intermission length had been changed to 10 minutes. I proudly told my dad that they said that because of me. It was funny how, out of 7 mini-plays, the last 3 were the funniest and those were the ones I got screwed out of the first time around! I’m glad my complaints were heard and that the staff were nice enough to try and fixed things, and I’m glad I chose the tickets over the refund. The plays there almost never disappoint me.



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