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…and UIndy FAILs again! December 4, 2011

Posted by Kenny Norman in news, south.
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So tonight (December 4), I tried to attend the Student-Directed Productions at University of Indianapolis. When intermission came, I got up to go to the bathroom. The programs say the intermission is 15 minutes long. I came back 12 minutes later and the doors were closed. I asked if I could get back in and the ushers and house managers said no and were VERY UNhelpful. They said they posted a small sign on the doors that said “10 minutes,” but it was blocked when I walked in, so it was not visible to me. No announcement was made before or during the play, either- it was just a door sign. I asked them if I could go back in, and they said it’s against their policy and unsympathetically shrugged their shoulders and said ‘come back next weekend.’ I asked them if I’d have to pay $8 all over again, and they said to take it up with the box office. So I walked away and did not get to see the last three shows that I already paid for due to a misprint in the program. I was stiffed half a play (3 shows and $4, probably) because of a misprint on the program, and I am very surprised at the unhelpfulness of the event staff, ushers, and house managers. They sounded bored, uninterested, and looked the same way- they just referred me to the box office. I called the box office and left an annoyed voicemail, and I also e-mailed the head of the theatre department. This isn’t the first time UIndy has had a lack of coordination within itself (like when I tried to get an internship), but it still angers me!



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