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Another Greenwood Park Mall Old Navy discount!!! December 6, 2011

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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I went to the Greenwood Park Mall Old Navy yesterday. I made a beeline for the clearance rack, as usual. This time, however, I found four XL yellow fleeces! They all said they’d be half off because they were “damaged with food stain.” As an added bonus, fleeces were $10 instead of their usual $25 this week, so that means the damaged fleeces were only $5 each! (And for the life of me, I just couldn’t spot any kinda stain…) And it gets better. In the checkout line, I tried to combine my “10% off” survey coupon with the discounted damaged clearance material. The computer wouldn’t let it go through, so the employees manually overrode it…AND let me keep the coupon!!! SWEET!!! (At the Keystone at the Crossing Old Navy, they give up when the computer says ‘no.’) So I got 2 fleeces (a $50 value at full price) for only $9.63!!! Thank you (once again), Greenwood Park Mall Old Navy!


…and UIndy FAILs again! December 4, 2011

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So tonight (December 4), I tried to attend the Student-Directed Productions at University of Indianapolis. When intermission came, I got up to go to the bathroom. The programs say the intermission is 15 minutes long. I came back 12 minutes later and the doors were closed. I asked if I could get back in and the ushers and house managers said no and were VERY UNhelpful. They said they posted a small sign on the doors that said “10 minutes,” but it was blocked when I walked in, so it was not visible to me. No announcement was made before or during the play, either- it was just a door sign. I asked them if I could go back in, and they said it’s against their policy and unsympathetically shrugged their shoulders and said ‘come back next weekend.’ I asked them if I’d have to pay $8 all over again, and they said to take it up with the box office. So I walked away and did not get to see the last three shows that I already paid for due to a misprint in the program. I was stiffed half a play (3 shows and $4, probably) because of a misprint on the program, and I am very surprised at the unhelpfulness of the event staff, ushers, and house managers. They sounded bored, uninterested, and looked the same way- they just referred me to the box office. I called the box office and left an annoyed voicemail, and I also e-mailed the head of the theatre department. This isn’t the first time UIndy has had a lack of coordination within itself (like when I tried to get an internship), but it still angers me!

I avoid Black Friday December 3, 2011

Posted by Kenny Norman in news.
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Black Friday has been getting crazier and crazier the past few years, as well as more prevalent. This year, stores opened at 8 or 10 on Thanksgiving night. Soon there won’t be a Thanksgiving! (Granted, it’s my least favorite holiday, but still!) I avoid Black Friday and always have. The “doorbuster deals” aren’t worth it. Going out into mass Chaos at Wal-Mart, Target, or one of 6 malls, at insane hours, dealing with people who, this year at least, have been known to get violent and use pepper spray, and spend money that I don’t have and don’t need to spend? No thank you. Black Friday has seriously gotten out of hand, especially with the violence and the creeping into Thanksgiving night. A lot of these “deals” will be around past Black Friday, and a lot of these “deals” are only limited to the first few customers. And a lot of these “deals” prompt people to buy a product that they had no intention of buying anyway ‘til they saw the sale. They’re not saving money on something they would’ve bought anyway; they’re losing money by spending money they wouldn’t have spent otherwise. At first, “doorbuster deals and great savings” sounds appealing, but when you think of the crowds, the violence, the loss of sleep, and the money you’ll lose, suddenly it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. I’d rather do my shopping away from the crowds at normal hours at stores I intended to go to originally. Black Friday should seriously be rethought at this point. And at the very least, it’s not for me.

Deep Sea Cosmetics salespeople annoy me… December 1, 2011

Posted by Kenny Norman in downtown, north, south.
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I notice that whenever I go to Circle Centre, Castleton Square, or Greenwood Park Mall, I have to deal with those annoying people at the Deep Sea Cosmetics kiosks. They charge an outrageous amount (usually hundreds of dollars) for their skin care products. The price alone shocks me, but that’s not the worst part. No, the worst part is their aggressive and underhanded sales tactics! They will come after you, usually by calling you out or luring you in with a free sample of their lotion. They will try to sell you their products by talking you into it with a barrage of complex, carefully-worded questions. (Little does their prey know, you can find these products at places like Target for $10-50.) Sometimes they’ll to try to flirt with you if they’re of the opposite sex. Sometimes they’ll physically grab onto you and not let go. At Circle Centre or Castleton Square, salespeople of the opposite sex call you out repeatedly (not by name, thank goodness), but at Greenwood Park Mall, salespeople of the same sex will chase you down the hall! As a result, I had to up the ante with those particular salespeople by growling and yelling at them. I think some of the Deep Sea Cosmetics salespeople at Greenwood Park Mall fear me now. I also find it highly suspicious that their company has no Wikipedia page, and that when typing in “Deep Sea Cosmetics” in Google, autocomplete suggests “Deep Sea Cosmetics scam.” These people are aggressive, overpriced, and underhanded. They definitely make shopping at Washington Square (where they are not present) look more appealing than shopping at Circle Centre, Castleton Square, or Greenwood Park Mall. I’ve repeatedly petitioned SIMON to remove these salespeople from their malls, and I strongly encourage others to do the same.