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Old Navy run, 10/25/2011 October 26, 2011

Posted by Kenny Norman in south.
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OK, so today I feel like bragging about another ‘couponing’ run at Old Navy. I haven’t been to Old Navy since October 8, so it’s been about 2 weeks since my last run there, mainly since my wardrobe is pretty much complete. (Well, at least my CASUAL wardrobe is.) It’s also been 2 weeks since I last hit up Greenwood Park Mall, since I hadn’t been there since my Old Navy run. I got off work early today and decided to head down to the mall and have a nice little run down there. I got 3 cookies at Blondie’s for $6 and a milkshake at Maggie Moo’s for $4. But I got a SWEET deal at Old Navy! I found a pair of pants, originally $40, on the clearance rack for $13. Their sale this week was to take 30 percent off clearance items. I also happened to get an extra 10 percent off by filling out a survey about my previous visit. And guess what? I got ANOTHER 10 percent off because on Tuesdays, customers get 10 percent off when they use their Old Navy card! I also got a fleece marked down from $20 to $12.47. It wasn’t on clearance, but I got the survey discount and card discount. So I spent less than $20 altogether. Oh, and it gets better. Old Navy has this thing where for every $20 you spend in stores, you get a $10 off coupon to use in a few weeks. Considering the bill was $19.29 after all discounts were said and done, and I didn’t spend the $20 necessary to get the coupon, the cashier gave it to me anyway! I swear, between this, the people at UNiversiTees giving me free pens & bowling coupons, and the people at Blondie’s giving me free cookies on occasion, Greenwood Park Mall is just the best mall ever with the nicest employees ever! (In fact, I even walked into the mall office once to fill out a comment card full of compliments and got a nice ‘thank you’ letter in the mail 5 days later!) But yeah…$19.29 on a purchase that could’ve been $60 full price. What a ways to go! I’ll let the receipt do the rest of the talking.


Rockville Road October 9, 2011

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This weekend I’ll be driving west on Rockville Road through Avon. It’s more up and coming than the ‘traditional’ west side Indy shopping center that is West 38th street, so hopefully I’ll have an analysis of Rockville Road up next week.


FOUR new articles published 10-6! October 8, 2011

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Hey people!


I got FOUR articles published in this week’s (October 6, 2011) Southside Times! A new record! Check it out here:










Hope you like these stories! (I honestly didn’t think ALL of these would be run, let alone in the same week!)


Michelle Branch is coming to Indy! October 3, 2011

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I am SOOOO excited right now! I was browsing YouTube listening to Michelle Branch songs and I saw that she’s coming to Indianapolis on Saturday, October 29, at 8PM! She’ll be the sole act at the Egyptian Room and LiveNation is handling tickets. And tickets are only $24.50 apiece! I HAVE to go to this concert…Michelle Branch is my second favorite singer EVER (with only Avril Lavigne topping her), and I missed out on a lot of concerts in the past 2 years! I dropped Katy Perry (Indianapolis, Sept. 2011) and Paramore (Indianapolis, July 2010) ‘cause it cost too much. I dropped the Fray (Indianapolis, Sept. 2011) ‘cause I had a scheduling conflict. Worst of all, I dropped the Michelle Branch/Goo Goo Dolls duo (Cincinnati, July 2011) ‘cause it was out of state! I haven’t been to a concert since the Goo Goo Dolls hit Indy on April 4, 2010 for Butler being in the final four. I’m WAY overdue for a concert, and with Michelle Branch coming to my town for a cheap price as the sole act, how could I say no? Again, SOOOO excited!!!!!