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New (9-27) articles published! September 27, 2011

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OK so my job got more of my articles online! I’ve had 11 articles published so far, and unfortunately, only 5 of them are online. Anyway, here you go!




Good news tonight! September 16, 2011

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Found something online that made me VERY excited!


They’re opening a Greek’s Pizzeria in downtown Indianapolis! SWEET!!!!! Now I don’t have to drive down to the South Side to get my favorite pizza, and I also FINALLY get something back that Broad Ripple took from me! The new location will be at 15 North Pennsylvania Street. The link says “coming soon”, but so far, no opening date has been announced.

Old Navy loses brownie points September 16, 2011

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So I went to the Traders Point Old Navy tonight, my favorite Old Navy in Indianapolis. I like the wide selection (variety of items offered) and stock (how much of each item is available) they have. It’s also got a nice layout and everything is clearly marked, neatly organized, and clean. But tonight was somewhat annoying. Now, the quirk of that location is that if you pay with any kind of card, the cashier has to swipe it behind the register instead of using the device in front of the register like the Old Navy at Greenwood Park Mall lets customers use. But here’s an added kick in the pants- you now have to show ID, even if you’re paying with their own Old Navy card! What is this, Lafayette Square Mall? I wonder why they’re doing this. It’s an extra step of hassle and raises some eyebrows. I definitely commented on that to the cashier tonight.

Fall Festival September 14, 2011

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Wow. I go to work this morning and see THESE outside in the parking spaces. It was quite the surprise. I think they’re having a carnival! More info here.

Greenwood Park Mall vs. Castleton Square Mall September 7, 2011

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Castleton Square Mall was the first major mall I went to as a kid where I realized that, unlike the Fashion Mall that I hated so much, malls could be fun and have things for me to do. So I basically grew up with Castleton Square from the later part of my childhood on, going to the food court, checking out music and bookstores, and even visiting my grandma when she used to work at JcPenney. But recently, since December 2009, I’ve found that I’ve been hitting up Greenwood Park Mall more frequently than I do Castleton Square, mainly since I went to college on the South side of Indy. I also found an Old Navy down at Greenwood Park Mall, and until I went to that particularly Old Navy, I thought Old Navy was an expensive women’s clothing store, since the only location I ever knew was the one at Keystone at the Crossing. So thanks to the Old Navy at Greenwood Park Mall, which is awesome and made for guys, I am now addicted. I sat down and thought about what I like at each mall. Both have Aeropostale, UniversiTees, FYE, and Hot Topic stores. Greenwood’s unique features include Old Navy, Blondie’s Cookies, and Maggie Moo’s. Castleton’s unique features include Borders, Asian Chao, and Frullati. At this point, Castleton was my favorite, mainly because my friends and I could go and peruse items in Borders and usually spend little to no money. (I hope we’re not being THAT bad as customers…) But with Borders closing all their stores nationwide, that major advantage is now gone. So Castleton only has TWO unique features compared to Greenwood’s THREE. So I think that as soon as the Borders store closes, Greenwood Park Mall will be my new favorite mall. I’ll probably always have a soft spot for Castleton Square, as it is the mall I grew up with, the mall I still meet my friends at on a semi-regular basis, and the mall close to most of the fun stuff I do, but I think they’re about to get dethroned.