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Greek’s Pizzeria @ Southside Indy August 19, 2011

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I really enjoy going to Greek’s Pizzeria. One of my friends who goes to Ball State first introduced it to me in 2009 when I visited her at school. Later that year, my friends and I heard that they’d opened a location in Indianapolis in Broad Ripple, which is 10 minutes from my house. We went there until it surprisingly closed in 2011…like most things I like in Broad Ripple, sadly enough.

Broad Ripple Greek's in its prime.

Luckily, there’s still a location in Indy! (And I mean Indy proper, not Fishers or Noblesville!) And quite frankly, since I’m on the north side but south of Broad Ripple, it’s easier for me to go to this location than to go to the ones in Fishers or Noblesville. It’s at 8028 South Emerson Avenue on Indy’s South side. The only thing I would caution anyone driving down here about is the highly dangerous intersection at Emerson & Southport, mainly due to its single-lane capacity leading up to a major shopping center and numerous turn lanes that make stop lights take forever.

R.I.P., Greek's in Broad Ripple.

The people there are very nice and helpful, as well as prompt and attentive. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes to ask for a drink refill. In fact, I’ve never had to ask- they usually notice and refill it right away! And as far as the pizza itself, what makes this pizza special is the sweet tomato sauce (as opposed to the acidic, spicy, or tangy taste), as well as the rich cheese that doesn’t stretch indefinitely and the bread that is soft and chewy (as opposed to hard and crunchy). One more feature of this place is the ham.  Their ham tastes just like the ham you’d find on a subway sandwich- rich, thick, soft, chewy, and tasty, as opposed to the crispy and spicy ham other places offer.

The last surviving Greek's- located on Indy's south side!

I just wished they’d do stuffed crust like Pizza Hut. It’d give them an opportunity to further showcase that delicious, non-strechy cheese! Like most pizzas though, it’s greasy. Just a heads up if you’re on a diet or trying to avoid excess grease.

That aside, it is THE most delicious pizza I’ve ever found and worth driving across town for. If you live south of Broad Ripple like I do, then this location is probably closer than those due north of Indy. I highly recommend going to this location for convenience, service, and delicious pizza.

Greek’s Pizzeria
8028 South Emerson Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46237
(317) 881-5581
Open Sun-Thu 11am-9pm
Fri-Sat 11am-10pm


Southside Times articles August 19, 2011

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Here are all my articles published in the Southside Times so far in case anyone would like to take a look!

New Article in 7/28 Issue! August 3, 2011

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In another shameless plug of self-promotion, I got this published last week. A fluff piece, no doubt, but it’s one more for the portfolio, and if all goes well, my serious pieces get published this week!

A Tale of 3 Old Navy stores August 3, 2011

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Well, as anyone who knows me can say, I’m addicted to Old Navy. I started going there when I bled all the Goodwill stores in Indianapolis dry and used up gas driving everywhere and finding nothing. And between coupons for taking surveys, using my Old Navy card, and the constant sales they have, I NEVER pay full price for anything there. There used to be eight Old Navy stores in Indianapolis, but Lafayette Square’s Old Navy closed in 2005 (now a Max 10), downtown, Speedway, and Glendale’s Old Navy stores closed in 2006 (now Weber Grill/unknown/demolished, respectively), and Washington Square’s Old Navy closed in 2007 (once a Max 10, now vacant). Therefore, there are only 3 left in the city: Traders Point, Keystone at the Crossing, and Greenwood Park Mall. I noticed that each store has its own quirks, perks, and eccentricities.  Note that “selection” is how many KINDS of items are available, and stock is HOW MUCH of an item is available. Let’s examine each.

Traders Point
Service: 10
Selection: 9
Stock: 9
Size: Large
Perk: They have the most selection and stock of any Old Navy in town. If you’re looking for any current item, this location is your best bet.
Quirk: Difficult to navigate, and you can’t use a credit card yourself- it has to be handed to the cashier.

Greenwood Park Mall
Service: 9
Selection: 8
Stock: 7
Size: medium-large
Perk: This story is easy to navigate, but best of all, they have a HUGE clearance rack!!!! And their men’s section is twice as big as that of Keystone at the Crossing. Guys, go to this location to get your Old Navy gear!
Quirk: You have to stand in a pre-checkout line before getting to the checkout line.

Keystone at the Crossing
Service: 7
Selection: 5
Stock: 5
Size: small
Perk: Big women’s section. Ladies, this location is all for you. Enjoy!
Quirk: They ask how many items you have if you want to go the dressing rooms, and the limit is 10.

That’s my overview of the three Old Navy stores in the city! But you can probably tell I have a bias. I like Traders Point most, and then I go for Greenwood Park Mall. But hey, even though I’m a guy, sometimes I CAN get what I need and get it in my size at Keystone at the Crossing!